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Skier info:

-Height 6'6" or maybe 6'7" after accident bad leg side grew a little. 

-Weight 220-230.

-Strong advance aggressive skier preference to ski on edge and as if there is a set of gates all over the hill or mountain.  Can mix stance style up to adjust to conditions.  I was really scared to get back on skis again last year due to injury but quickly started skiing fairly aggressive again. 

-Years skiing 27 seasons give or take a season with injuries.

-Enjoy skiing Trees, crud, soup, slop, slush and powder.   I can ski well on ice, groomers and hardpack but kind of boring after this many years.   No more steeps or moguls I want to be easier on bad leg. 

-Weakness Frozen tight steep moguls on massive sidecut skis or longer 188 -194 stiffer skis make me want to cry or come unglued in moguls.

-Bad news I was informed not to ski anymore or if have to no more than blue diamonds due to previous broken femoral head of left hip.  I want to grow old and still be able to ski so I am working at trying to slow down and take less risk to preserve leg for as long as possible.  I have noticed more difficulty with turn initiation at times and leg seems to only ski for about 2-3 hours max before joint says its done for the day.  Really cold days it takes longer for joint to warm up and sometimes pelvic feels like its locked up and does not want to ski well.  If its 50 degrees outside and sunshine leg does well and can really shred still and I don't notice injury.  I am still on my natural hip which took awhile to grow back with pins and after pin removal.  My leg will continue to be progressive with arthritis with injury and I have noticed I can't backpack long distance anymore and mountain biking is getting worse and reduced more and more.  Lower back disc issues are becoming more of an issue so started daily low back exercises that seem to help some and I have a torn left shoulder so I feel like a train wreck.  


Nordica Firearrow180cm  80 pro.  I wish this ski came in 184cm length.  I used all season last year and skied really well on most of time.  Ski does well in most conditions from ice, groomers, 3-6 inches new snow and fairly grippy,  I was surprised by the amount of grip ski has because it is not stiff torsionally and can be skied from backseat easily, not that I recommend backseat skiing.  Ski seems to beg to go off trail and have skied it up to a foot of powder and is a blast on warm slush days.  A Few times felt like I was overpowering ski on top end and front of ski wanted to fold up with my size but overall did really well with skiing and leg injury with that big tip for turn initiation.  I liked its playful, poppy, snappy high forgiveness nature as I rebuild my confidence getting back on skis again.  It was easy to get on and off the lift with these skis with my injury.  Sometimes I may favor skiing primarily on one leg when bad leg is acting up since ski is very forgiving with large sweet spot.  Overall I ski this ski really well and have a blast skiing this ski and do not notice the leg injury as much.  Ski seems to do well all over and has more versatility than other skis in mixed conditions with similar width that I tried.  I ski so well on this I may want to pick up another pair in really good condition. 


Rossignol 82 ti 182cm.  I used some last season.  It is much stiffer ski than Nordica Firearrow 80 Pro skis and much more stable with bigger top speed handled my size and weight better than 80 pro.  It does most things well and is decent all mountain ski.  Things I noticed about ski is smooth release not much snap or rebound which sometimes can be an asset in tricking mixed conditions but I usually prefer more snap out of a turn.  Edge grip was far less than the Nordica 80 pro even with new tune of 3 and 1.  Still a versatile ski that seems to perform fairly well from 3-6 inches of new snow to crud.  Smaller sweet spot.  I probably would of kept ski if had touch more edge grip and some more snap or rebound out of tail.  I think it is also one of the better looking skis made.  


Nordica Firearrow 84 EDT 184cm.  I picked up new for really good price from ski shop manager out in MT.  It felt like the Rossignol 82 ti and skied fairly similar except it had way more than enough edge grip, and nice solid rebound out of tail that wasn't overly crazy rebound but predictable and solid.  Much easier to free ski it felt than my Fischer 185 RC4 RC skis and more versatile than fisher in 3-6 inches of snow but could tell it wanted to go back onto the smoother hardpack groomers where ski really shined.  Ski is not bad at lower speeds but feels has preference to add some speed and it comes to life with confidence in edge grip and stability to spare.  I really liked ski but noticed my joint is not as happy on ski and I was having more difficulty getting on and off the lift with leg injury at times.  My leg is getting more tired on this ski with its less forgiveness I can tell out of this ski compared to the Nordica 80 Pro.  The Fischer skis are bothering my joint also so it could be stiffness of ski.  This is a really good ski but I think it is too much on my joint with its precision and power.  If I did not have this leg injury I think I would keep this ski its really good.  It was fun to load ski up and pop off little terrain irregularities with its rebound on packed snow.  I was hoping for this ski to replace my 80 Pro with a little more stability at top end but I think it will be too much for my bad leg.    


I  used to have preference for stiffer skis due to my size but I am starting to wonder if body is telling me otherwise softer or more sidecut is easier on joint and I can ski longer.  I have noticed my leg seems more picky with skis it seems to like and ski well on with injury so demoing seems to be important but usually demos are shortest lengths and I am on the taller side.  I just picked up a used pair of last years Nordica Enforcers 185cm with rocker tip so curious to see how I ski that with rocker, softer flexing ski and decent amount of sidecut.  Skis I would like to try Head Rev 80 Pro,  Head Rev 85 Pro, Rossignol experience 88 has crazy amount of sidecut but may have typical Rossi edge grip.  Maybe add RTM 84 but I have a feeling I may not like that ski another choice maybe Elan 88xti has a big tip.