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Helmets for big heads with motorcycle helmets as a reference

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After skiing my whole life without a helmet (no one wore them when I was a kid), I've noticed that recently, as I've started into more off-piste stuff, I'm basically the *only* guy left not wearing a helmet. I would like to change that.


Unfortunately, I have a big head. 63cm measured just now. This seems to be at the very tippity top of the range of most helmet manufacturers I've researched, if not simply beyond the range entirely. I tried on dozens of ski helmets at a recent ski & board expo in town, and have made the rounds to several local ski shops with no luck so far.


During this process, it didn't take me long to remember that I had a similar nightmare finding a motorcycle helmet when I started riding a few years back. During that ordeal, I was lucky to find a local dealer willing to work with me, and after *weeks* of order-try-return-repeat, we finally found one that I have mostly been able to live with (I still get a "hot spot" on my forehead on longer rides, but I can cope) and that helmet was the Shoei Qwest in an XXL. In the motorcycle world it seems that, in general, you either have an "Arai" shaped head ("oval") or, like me, a "Shoei" shaped head ("round oval"). I'm wondering if there are similar "brand characteristics" in ski helmets.


I've googled around a bunch, and as mentioned, tried on dozens of helmets. I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help me "translate" the data from my motorcycle helmet shopping experience to ski helmets, and perhaps help me zone in on brands or models that might stand a better chance of working out. 


So... ~63cm, "round oval", tolerates an XXL Shoei Qwest. In an ideal world, I would like something with built-in audio, but that's totally secondary to finding something that I can get on my head at all.




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i wear an arai profile, the only real "long oval" helmet i am aware of other than the fact arai has now replaced the profile with a helmet by a different name.


I recently got rid of my Smith variant (round or med. oval) in favor of a giro seam that in my opinion fits my melon better.  if i recall right, my old k2 helmet was even rounder.


Oh, and for tunes, i haven't messed with mine yet, but i've seen a Giro Seam retro-fitted with smith's blue-tooth skullkandy set up using a glue like subtance to hold the ear/speaker pieces in the helmet.



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I also have a large (61cm) oval shaped head and have had good fits with Giro (nine), Smith (variant), and my current POC Synapsis. You really just need to find a shop that carries larger sizes and try a bunch on. Alternatively, you could order a bunch to try and then return those that don't fit.

Good luck,
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My head is around 63cm and I also wear a Giro Nine (XL). I find it to be pretty comfortable even when wearing a balaclava underneath it and it also keeps my dome pretty warm.
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I ride HJC medium which is considered a medium oval.

Smith medium fits very much the same.

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62cm head for me. Over the years i have just had a habit of buying one in store that mostly fits, albiet with pressure spots, then take it home to perform surgery upon it. This involves removing some of the padding and dremeling a few mm's off the foam around the center of the forehead and pointy bit at the very back of my head.

I am very careful with my grinding and am confident i am not weakening the helmet to a meaningfully unsafe degree but... These tactics are probably not recommended. wink.gif
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I've got an XXL Giro Nine.9 at home you can have if you want.  No stank or crashes.  It's black.  And hudge.

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You could try Osbe. They have ones with flip down visors. Wayne Wong looked pretty cool in his chrome one below.


Looks like their xxl would work:


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Leedom XXXL 64 cm fits me well.  I also have a huge roundish head.

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I ended up getting a Giro Seam. It even had a smidgeon of space to spare, which was good for the days when I needed a balaclava.


Thanks again for the tips!

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