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Adjusting system binding (Salomon Z12)

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If I wanted to use a different boot with my skis (one size larger boot shell), is this something I can do myself, or is this better left to someone who actually knows what they're doing?  


Does it involve changing the DIN and other binding settings that I'm not qualified to do, or is it a relatively simple adjustment?

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The reason I ask is that I injured my big toe skiing too much too soon in really tight boots, and might want to use my older boots for a while that are a size larger until my toe heals.  I can certainly have a shop do the adjustment if needed, but would like to know if this is something I can do myself safely.  I figure hundreds of kids working in every rental shop in the world does it all the time, so how hard can it be...?

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A) Technically speaking, whether or not you have to change the DIN depends on exactly what the two boot sizes are. From a practical point of view, it is not likely "life or death". But it is probably worth knowing exactly what is going on and making an informed choice.


B) I'm not sure whether or not the system Z12 adjusts the same way as the regular heel or not in terms of BSL. I'm sure Phil knows. Somewhere you might be able to find the tech manual online or it may be in the TGR "Everything You Wanted to Know About Salomon Bindings" thread. Again, this is not hard at all and should take about a minute - but every binding has its official mechanism and its quirks. Usually best if someone shows and explains on the binding you have. If you have a good relationship with your local shop, they might just show you how to do it....


In summary, once you know what you are doing, this is trivial :)  

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i agree with the asking at the shop.  here's my concern:  even if adjusting size has no impact on the suggested DIN setting, the adjusment could effect the so-called "forward pressure."  Unless you're clear on how to determine proper forward pressure on that binding, i recommend some professional assistance and, if they show you how to do it, you'll be able to do it on your own  in the future.



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It is worth knowing how to adjust your own bindings. There is lots of info on the google machine or you could ask a tech to show you how.
I have had misgivings about some "techs" so have learned how to mount and adjust the families bindings. All via google, TGR and here.
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Thanks everyone.  It's actually easier than I thought. The Salomon tech manual wasn't totally clear, until I figured out exactly which Z12 binding it was.  Once I figured out that it was called the Smart Track system (there is another Z12), it was easy to adjust and figure out whether the forward pressure was correct.  The DIN table in the manual was also relatively straightforward.  If it ever drops below 60 degrees here and I can ski again, I'll have a shop take a quick look at them to make sure I did everything correctly though.   

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One more question about adjusting the heel DIN.

I set the binding with the proper forward pressure for the larger BSL, checked the new DIN settings with the Salomon chart and an online calculator, and adjusted the toe DIN setting easily with a flathead screwdriver.

I can't seem to adjust the heel DIN though. There is a black round plastic piece with a slot, and a metal piece inside with a smaller slot. I tried to turn the black piece, but it doesn't move easily and I didn't want to force it. How do I change the rear DIN?
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Looks like the bottom of the slot is spring loaded and you have to push in with the screw driver before you turn it. Haven't done this myself--my older Z12Ti's have an ordinary slot for the screwdriver as best as I can recall.

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