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"Warm" Gear Bag

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For the last couple of years I've been using a "Point Dry" heated boot bag. It only had one level which was pretty darn warm.  45 minutes before leaving the house and my boots were still really toasty in the parking lot even without plugging into the car. Last spring the element burned out and so this season I've been using a Hot Gear bag. The one I have has a three position heat control. Even on the highest position it is much lower than my old bag. Today I did an experiment using a digital thermometer placed at the top of the boots. After 2-3 hours on each setting the temp stabilized at 70, 80, and 90 degrees depending on setting. This seems pretty low compared to what I was used to and the markings on the controller which indicate that the range should be from 110-140 or so.  Does your Hot Gear bag get really warm or just sort of warm?

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I haven't put a thermometer in mine, but it gets toasty enough that the buckles are hot to the touch on the Hot setting. Mine is a few years old and just has Warm, Dry, and Hot settings while hubby's newer one has temps printed on it.

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Mine definitely gets warm enough. I'll use my touchless thermometer on it and let you know what I get. I usually use mine on the middle setting overnight. I don't want them hot, but I want them warm through and through.


I'll plug mine in for a 1/2 hour ride to maintain, although I think the 12v heat is warmer than the middle, but they're going into a cold truck, too, so that's ok.

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Mine definitely gets hotter than the temps you mentioned and works great.  Boots are easier to put on.  Super toasty and they seem to stay warm for hours.



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My Hot Gear Bag was in a 62 degree room overnight on the middle 'dry' setting. In the morning temps ranged from 86 - 93 degrees using a touchless thermometer. Perfect for putting on easily and comfortably without risking being too warm and perspiring.

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I guess mine is working ok then. Same test as you, I got 85 degrees.  My old bag was so hot I was used to just turning it on an hour or so before skiing. Clearly this needs to be left on all night.  Thanks

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I think the overnight is gentler to the boots (at least I'm hoping) as is the not too hot temperature. I can forget my boots in the bag for a day and not freak that they've melted. I haven't used the high temperature except that I think that the 12v might run at that temp. During the ride in the car, they don't get crazy hot, but I'll take the thermometer and check next time I travel.

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