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Scarpa Lazer & Fat skis...

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Is the lazer enough to drive big skis lika the 10.EX? How much softer ix tha Lazer vs the Denali? I'm about to buy me some new boots and I lika the lightweight of the lazers but i want to be able to ski big and fast with a pair o fatties. What do you think?
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I've been skiing Lazer's for three seasons (Dynafits before that). I don't have what you would probably define as fatties, but they are definitely on the pudgy side.

While the Lazer is significantly softer than the Denali, I think it gives plenty of drive to ski a big ski.

When you say you want to ski big and fast, how are you getting up the hill? Almost everyone I know who usually *walks* up the hill has eventually concluded that while the Denali skis extremely well, it eats your feet on the way up. The Lazer seems to be a much better compromise of pain-free uphill and more-than-sufficient power downhill.

I know several people who drive their fat skis pretty darn big and pretty darn fast on Lazers.

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Hi, FWIW I was wondering the same thing, having the Lasers but not sure if they would drive the Tenex well. I'm considering mounting the skis with Fritschi Freerides, allowing the option of using Alpine boots when riding lifts, but still switching to A.T. boots for touring.
... and just editing my own post, check out Harpo's post under consumer gear reviews.

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The Lazer can drive fat boards every bit as well as the Denali, and they hike MUCH better. I would go for the Lazer over the Denali regardless of the ski. It's lateral stiffness is plenty, and that is what matters.
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