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Ski Katahdin?

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Who's put tracks on Mt. Katahdin? I've never been there in winter but would bet there are some awesome lines up there.
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The potential ski lines are indeed awesome, but the red tape is almost a parody. They don't even let you skin all the way on one day to the second cabin, out of paternalistic concern for your well being. But in exchange for all this hassle, you don't even get avy forecasting. Plus they close down the mtn to all use in the spring, just as the snow is getting stable.
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They land managers of Katahdin probably made their decisions after spending a sunny Saturday at Tuckerman's in April.
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Hi NewHampie--Jonathan S. is right--lots of restrictions on Katahdin in the winter. If you really want to try it, though, contact the Baxter State Park authority in Millinocket. And be sure to tell us how it goes....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Widespread Panic your point is a good one, I wouldn't want to see that kind of crowd in Baxter. I'm going to try to put something together for spring, if we ever get a winter.

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Access issues are tough in the park. I have been in the winter once and the paperwork was crazy. The turns look well worth the effort but be prepared to spend some time on the phone with your friendly park ranger before you get there. Best of luck, the better the group the eaiser it is to get the OK for the trip. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maybe I should invite Saucerboy along, I'm sure they'll be ipressed with his credentials.
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