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Interestingly, I also have heel lifts! The way he described it was the heel lift IN the boot aligns my leg with the boot, and the toe lift on the bottom aligns the entire "package". Whatever, it works. I am so regretting not getting out on the Sambas sooner, especially after it snowed 13". They are so stable and smooth, and I CAN turn them in smaller radius turns just fine. And my speed limit increased again with them. I am also now officially spoiled by fresh Utah powder, even if I need a lot of practice skiing in it still!


What a great guy he is for sure! In fact, everyone I've met here is just awesome! (Including you, of course!!)

That is correct.  There is a difference between a heel lift in the boot and a heel lift in the binding, and what it does for you. 

Glad you got it sorted out.