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Ski Boot Question

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Long story short, I bought the wrong size Lange Rx 130 ski boot. I went to SLC over thanksgiving and found out they were the wrong size the hard way. Since then I have replaced them with the correct size but I was wondering what a fair asking price would be for the used boots. They're 2014 Lange RX130 size 27.5. They have been skied on a total of 4 days(little marks) and the liner has been heat molded. There has been no shell modification to them. I was wondering if $300 was to much to ask? thanks.


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Did you buy them online or something? The one time I did that I took them back to the shop and they refit me and I swapped the boots for a different model entirely.
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Bought them online and since I used them I didn't think they would take them back. Will buy from a shop next time. So $300 a good price?

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I'm not familiar with the boot. Sounds okay, but since ski boots are the one thing I never ever ever consider buying online, I don't know.

Might sell better on your local Craigslist since the person could try them on.
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