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excuse me Mr. Harpo>>>>>?

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where did you go in town to check out boots & bindings befroe you ordered from TP?
I wanna get my foot in a couple of boots since it is a bit hard to fit & the boots have a lot of determination on the bindings.
Thanks straight chuter.
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I rented an AT setup last year, lasers, fritchis and arc angels from Black Diamond (BD).

The boots were a good fit so I went with them. REI and BD carry the lasers.

I'm taking a leap of faith with the Dynafit tourlite tristeps. I looked at the reviews in Couloir. It was a tough decision between the tristep and the new fritchi with the higher din. Wieght was the deciding factor.

BD should have the tristeps now. I looked back in Oct. but they said they wouldn't get them until Nov.
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