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Fischer RC4 soft tips?

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I just got a pair of 2013 Fischer RC4 SL 158cm, used by a racer.  They are softer in the tip than my Head 155cm and my Atomic SL 158cm.


My son's Fischer RC4 SL 145cm is similarly soft - but it's also smaller.


Is that the way Fischers SL skis are? Anyone else can compare those, maybe with a newer ski?



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they have different flex models, but those measurements seem a bit odd...
Usually FIS skis are all marked by the min length requirements 155, 165, 190, 195 etc. 

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Yeah - about the flex, it is a racecode model but the ?!$$%%@a hid the race code somewhere... For them seconhanders like me are !!$%#@sd which is why i M not buying Fischers again. Head has better graphics anyways

However, size-wise, they are for strong(er) girls, Atomic makes a 158, which i have, and Head i think a 160 as well.

Edit: hey, liquidfeet, i am skiing girls skis a how about that...? In fact i have no "man's " pair - mine are all girls or junior race skis, in recognition of the fact that i can only bench-press 24lb compared to girl's 450lb... Who here dares ski a "man's ski" anyways?
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Originally Posted by razie View Post
. Who here dares ski a "man's ski" anyways?


Was that an Epicski challenge or an Ontario joke?   :-)


*paging @Ghost 

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Good one!
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Quite stupid article...
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