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Demo Days

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Hey Everyone, no clue if this has been asked or not, but...


I am interested in going to a Demo Day at a local mountain, they recommend bringing a major credit card for demo fees/deposits...What typically would it cost me to demo skis? What typically are the costs associated and what should I expect?


The event is at Hunter Mountain, in NY and is this weekend, if anyone on here has gone before what did you experience monetarily? 

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Any demo day I've ever gone to was free. Don't know about Hunter. The card is so you don't take off with the skis.
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Cool thanks!

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"Demo days" are often free, but they need a credit card for security.  I think you can demo skis on any given day for $50 or less from most shops.  You generally can switch skis as many times as you like in a day and the demo cost is deducted from any ski purchase.

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Agree! but typically increase the cost to up to $70/day for demo rentals if you want access to this years demo skis (i.e. soul7)


Think of it as a true demo, and deposit on your purchase.  If you want to take out the latest shiny toy; they want a bigger deposit to weed out the riff-raff and only let the people who are more serious about buying them take them out.

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Demo skis are only $44 at Whitefish, discounted if you have a pass. And it's applicable to your purchase. I think they are roughly the same downtown as well. But it's a pain to have to leave the mountain to swap. They don't weed out riff raff. The desirable skis are just generally gone real early in the day. And later in the season as they sell out of product, they sell the demos. So, by Presidents Day, there's not much left.
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