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Recent snow condition report from Alps ?

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Can people report current snow conditions in various resorts in Alps ? I am planning to go soon but every time I check weather, there is zero snow fall :) Scary to spend $3-4k and only ski on groomers....

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Pretty limited right now

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Where in the alps are you heading? Different conditions in different parts. The alps is a fairly large area.

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Good place to start would be the UK Ski Club reports. I doubt they're 100% reliable, but they do have reps in a lot of resorts


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I presume you know where you're going by now. Have a look at the resort website and see what it looks like. Webcams are usually fairly reliable back up to reports. Ski Club is fairly good but only takes information from the resorts. Snow-forecast.com is a better resource though be wary of the longer 9 day forecasts, they will change so much they're hardly worht bothering with. Generally conditions are pretty average for this time of year. The season starts a little later in the Alps than for parts of the Rockies and some other North American areas, usually things are only fully open for Christmas. Some of the more snowsure areas are already open but lower resorts aren't.
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Going to L2A and ADH in Jan. Yeah, I've been checking webcams on their websites. Got a promo email that Europe has been hit with lots of snow, but I guess that was just SPAM.

I remember we went to St. Moritz several years ago in mid Feb. and they didn't get any snow in 1 month! Steady flow of wine had to keep me happy then.
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That part of the alps received some significant snow about 3 weeks ago, down to about 600m. This obviously gave a cover down to the limit of the skiable terrain of each area. I would imagine even Vaujany. Temperatures have been fluctuating since and it's been dry. There are signs that some snow may be in the forecast and by January there is plenty of time for significant falls. Both areas offer great high altitude off pist possbilities which are more than likely to be skiable by the time you go. if you like your off piste really serious, try and find this book: L'Alpe D'Huez, Les 2 Alpes, La Grave, hors piste by Francis Ginet and Fabrice Villaret published by Vamos.I.S.B.N. 1159-9413.
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Not that serious smile.gif but we will have a guide for both places. Not to LA Grave though so most likely will have to skip that part.

PS. I've been to ADH last year and liked it overall. Resort got 2 overnight snow storms (not big) and guide took us to some nice places with great views.
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