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Summit county skiing for Saturday

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I am headed out friday for a week of skiing have 4 pack pass to keystone and abasin. We are thinking of hitting extra day at loveland or copper any suggestions? We are staying in frisco. Is it wise to skip keystone on weekends due to crowds and hit smaller resort like loveland or copper? Any advice is appreciated. I am an intermediate skier and will be traveling with beginner//intermediate skier and a snowboarder that hasn't boarded in 2 seasons due to injuries.



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Copper is a much bigger mountain than Loveland with a good deal more variety of terrain.  It may wind up being the favorite mountain of your trip.  Any place will have some crowds on the weekend, but they should not be a major problem.  Book  a lesson and you cut any liftlines.  You also might take a major step in improving  beyond "intermediate." Have fun!

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You can't go wrong either way.


A Basin skied very nice Saturday and Copper skied great today with more soft snow than I expected and no crowds.  I haven't been to Keystone in a few weeks and haven't been to Loveland this season.  A-Basin wasn't overly crowded Saturday, but that may have been partially due to the cold temps.  


While the resorts are only about half open so far (and no good storms this week), you should be in for a very good week with reasonable temps and nice snow conditions.


Given that you have a AB-KS 4 pack, I would start off with Keystone and then hit A-B on your 2nd day.  I say this because of the lower elevation at KS compared to A-B.  


From Frisco, Copper is the closest resort and the mid week crowds there have been super light.  Like Mike said, it is a very good mountain and not small (even with only half open).  The free parking is closer at LL but you can take the bus to Copper pretty easily from Frisco (and I find this to be more convenient than the free parking).


Mike_M & I both instruct at Copper and they are offering 50% off private lessons through December 18 with $50 lift tix available for anyone in a private (up to 6 friends and family).  I didn't mention this in my PM to you, but if you do book a private at any resort and have an instructor in mind that you want to take a lesson from, it is always nice to contact that instructor directly or make it clear when you are booking that you are requesting a particular instructor as most places (including Keystone and Copper) pay the instructors a higher rate for request privates rather than "assigned" privates.  There are also 2 for 1 coupons for lift tickets for Copper.- I believe the ones I have are good starting Dec 14...I think these are still on sale for $10 as part of a Frisco Elementary School Fund Raiser.


LL crowds can also be pretty light during the week.  If you like the non-resort feel of A Basin more than Keystone, then consider giving LL a try.  Like A-B, LL has no lodging.  A-B has 1 detachable high speed lift and 2 places to eat while LL has no high speed lifts and 1 place to eat.  


If you prefer KS over A-B, then go to Copper on the extra day- 4 high speed lifts currently turning and closer to a dozen places to eat at Copper.


For a good restaurant in Frisco, go to Vinny's on Main St b/t 3rd and 4th.  Sit on the bar side if you want a more moderately priced menu (and the option to order off the dining room menu with more upscale items.


For on mountain dining at Keystone, I prefer North Peak over the cafeteria on the top of Dercum.



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Thanks for all the insight. I will be hitting keystone sat and a basin sunday decide which we like better then switch up to either copper or loveland depending if we like the abasin style or keystone. I am sure they are all great and will hit up lessons either with you guys if we hit copper which i think is likely.

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