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Flex question

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This is a spin off question from a ski gear discussion in which I discovered that my boots may not be stiff enough for my size, type of skiing, etc.

I have a pair of Head Edge + 10 (2010) boots. Size 30.5.
Flex rating is 80/70.

Reasonably fit/ rig still in good shape
30.5 MP
Last is approx 103
Nuetral feet with no irregularities
Level 8 skier on the chart
Predominately ski off piste - cautiously
When on piste - aggressive/fast
Air time - by accident

The boots are comfortable and fit well. I don't believe that my skiing has been adversely affected by these boots but have little to compare against. My last pair of boots were Salomon evolution 9's which had a flex of around 90-100.

Apparently I would be better off with much stiffer boots, however, I'm not in a position to buy another pair.

The aforementioned thread mentioned Intuition Liners inceasing stiffness.
Is this true?
If so, what model/size would be suitable given the above info?

Cheers, Craig
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HMMMMM.  I suppose it is possible Intuitions stiffen a boot but I would imagine only marginally at best.   Flex is a funny thing since there is no standardized system that defines the number assigned.  I have seen 80 flex boots that are just rigid due to poor design.  Going by your vitals and the flex number assigned you could certainly use a stiffer boot but the best way to learn a bit is try others on.  The money spent on a liner will get you half way to a boot.



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you probably read that in one of the many thousands of intuition posts out on the internet.


this would be a good time to review some of the other great things that happen when you buy an intuition liner…………….


they prevent your ski boot shells from ever wearing out

they change your hair color

they make you richer

they make you smarter

they make you better looking

they make you feel younger

they make you look younger

they remove wrinkles

they give you better gas mileage

they make it snow everyday

they make your boots stiffer

they make your boots softer

they make your children behave better

they reduce calories

they cure heartburn

they clean that unsightly ring in your toilet bowl

they clear acne


and if you buy before midnight tonight and mold them yourself at home, intuition liners will pay off your mortgage.


:) by putting a smiley face near this post, you will clearly see that i am being sarcastic, and once again poking fun at some misinformation that is allowed to live on internet forums. should we get into discussing all the good things that will come to you if you buy a zip fit liner as well.



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I conclude that Jim doesn't agree with the conclusion.

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