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Does this exist?

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I have been skiing for all my life but am a total novice to backcountry. I'm thinking of doing a little tour in the Chic-Choc mountains with a tele friend (not so much a tour as fining sweet slope climbing it and skiing it). I am on all alpine equipment.

My question is; is there a system that will allow me to use skins with alpine boots and bindings? Or is there a binding that will allow me to skin up and alpine (fixed heel) down?
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Yes there is, check it out.....Alpine Trekker @ rei.com
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There are also bindings that will let you hike up. Called alpine touring or randonee bindings.

Not to put you down at all, but this sounds like trouble to me. The chic-chocs are REAL mountains and they have REAL avalanches. If you are a back country novice, you may want to get some sort of avalanche training and get the necessary gear. A team of two with one novice is not a good way to go into the mountains.
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Thanks for the concern. There is acutally a group of 5 or 6. This is a yearly trip for them. I'm the only novice. And of that I don't doubt my skiing skill level. But I don't know squat about avalanches aside from if your in one you're screwed. You're right though they are real mountains. Who does avalanch courses in the east?

I'm still not certain that I'm going, but I really want to try some back country.

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I've been looking into a trip to the chic chocs also. From what I've been able to learn, I think there may be a little too much trekking involved for alpine trekkers.
So I'm looking at getting a pair of skis w/real AT bindings, or putting off the trip for a year or two and putting some work in on improving my tele.
I'm pretty sure there is avalanche instruction available through the appalachian mountain club. The National Ski Patrol holds an advanced avalanche training course at Pinkham Notch, NH.

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The Chic Chocs are amazing -- I was there only in summer (though still some decent snow patches in mid July), but several ski buddies have skied there numerous times. The only drawback is the atrocious winter weather and the long drive (from anywhere).

Here is the link for Eastern avy courses: http://www.tuckerman.org/safety/courses.htm
(My wife and I did the NSP course last yr, and this yr we and several friends are hiring Marc Chauvin for a one-day trip/course.)
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