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Torn between two skis

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I am a pretty new skier (used to snowboard).  I used snowblades for years and loved my 94cm skis.  I worked my way up and now ski a 148cm.  Last season I demoed two pairs of skis; the atomic affinity pure and the volkyl viola.  Loved them both.  Atomic seemed stiffer and sorta felt like it would hold edges better on the east coast where we mostly ski.  The violas, seemed to turn VERY easy, I mean on auto pilot which kinds scared me a little and they seemed kinda floppy which I’m not sure was best for icy conditions.  I love the atomics and am going on my second season with them.  I can’t get the volkyl’s out of my head.  Was wondering if the turning very easy is actually a good thing and not a bad thing and that I shouldn’t be afraid.  It also seems to be a more advanced ski which maybe is what I need for growing purposes etc.  Now last seasons’ price is dropping big time.  I can pick up these skis with bindings for $229.  I think I am going to do it.  Was just wondering what folks opinions were on both skis and what I described, etc.  Thank you.

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You didn't give any stats (height, weight, type of terrain, where you ski, etc.), so it's hard to give any suggestions or advice, but unless you're very light or really short, I'd think that you'll outgrow a 148 cm ski in short order if you're skiing more than a couple days a year.


General advice would be to have your boot suitability and fit checked out first, then a couple of lessons and maybe a ski demo session before plunking down $$$ on skis you may outgrow in less than 1 season.


I haven't been on either of those skis, so can't really comment on that specifically.


Good luck!

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Thanks for your opinion, its appreciated.  I am 5'6" and about 165lbs.  I know I should be on a ski in the 160cm range however, I am not comfortable here since I haven't been skiing that long.  148 is a comfortable length for me.  My home mountain is Butternut in Great Barrington, Massachusetts with the occasional trip to Vermont (Bromley, Killington).  My atomics are good but I think they hold me back a little because they are stiffer and its more effort to turn them.  One thing I liked and didn't like about the volkyl's I just bought is the practically turn for you.  This scared me but I think its its also a good thing because it will allow me to get better and faster with minimal work.  In an ideal world I would have bought these new volkyl's in a longer length 152 or 156 but they were sold out so I took the 148cm's because the ski is still more advanced and I think it will help me progress as a skier. 

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The way it sounds, you've already figured out what you love.  My general rule of thumb when I demo skis to buy......when one makes you grin from ear to ear......that's it!

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Check back in and let us know how it's going on the new boards, okay?


Have fun!!

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Ok I love the Volkl Violas, I mean love.  I do have a question though.  Both pairs of skis are new.  I was wondering how similar they are.  I love the Volkyl's and am rapidly losing the desire to ski on the atomics however, if they have differences and such maybe I should keep the atomics around for other conditions.  However, if they are both good in mostly groomed powder and are really more similar than they are different then maybe it makes sense for me to just sell the atomics.  Or should I keep a pair for backup cause one never knows......................

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If you're finding yourself leaving the Atomics out of the loop, sell them. 


You'll find the next ski to compliment your new Volkls and when you do, you'll have a nice two ski quiver. 

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Its hard to beat a Volkl!

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Still lovin the volkls and the atomics are sitting at home.  I am tempted to take them out one more time just to see how I feel about them since I've been riding the volkls exclusively.  I was advised by our local ski shop that if they are continuing to sit at home I should sell them while they still have value.  Otherwise I'll be unhappily having to sell them for a low amount down the road.

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