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Ski length

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Not sure if this should be in the gear forum...
I´ve got a pair of Atomic BetaCarve 9.14, 170 cm. (TM) I haven't really tried them in realy deep powder yet, what do you think, will they work? I'm 1,70 m and 63 kg.
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Should work fine. They obviously will not have as much flotation as a ski with a wider platform though....
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I know... But I have similar alpine skis, and they work surprisingly well.
That's why I bought these, and because I got a really good price
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I'm sure they'll be good -- I don't find wide skis to be that important in fresh powder, but rather more important in crud and chopped powder (late in the day after a fresh powder morning). You'll sink a bit more, but once you get some speed and a good rythm going, you'll be all good! (and sinking deeper has some real advantages - more face shots [img]smile.gif[/img] )
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