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Hi, as you probably know there are far fewer boot options for telemark than alpine. Most are wide and many are high volume in fit. I have been skiing both alpine and tele for many years now and I am on snow 45-60 days a year. My tele boots are old and I have already extended their life with Intuition liners. I am hoping to get new tele boots, but so far I am not finding a good fit.

For reference, my alpine boots are Nordica Dobermann Pro, size UK 6, (98mm last). The Dobes fit and ski great and I would like the same type of performance fit in my tele boots. My current tele boots are Garmont Ener-G with Intuition liners and a custom footbed. As I said they work but pretty good, but not ideal. There are now only three tele boot brands - Scarpa (narrow heel, 102mm forefoot), Crispi (larger volume all over) and Black Diamond (med heel and med forefoot). 


I tried on a couple of sizes of the Scarpa TX Comp (NTN) and the 25.0 gives me one plus a little more of fingers behind the heel in length. These come stock with un-heated Intuition and a stock thin footbed. The boot feels good and snug in the heel and instep, but the forefoot width seems big. Whatever boot I get I plan to get new footbeds and get the liners heat-fit.


So, can a boot that fits well in the heel and instep but wide in the forefoot be made to fit better with footbeds and heating the liner or do I hang on to my current boots and hope that someone makes a new boot that fits me better out of the box.


Tele is tough because most shops carry one or two brands and no dealers stock them in my area or in smaller sizes for men.


Finally, I know no one can say anything for sure without seeing me, but any guidance would be appreciated.