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Road Trippin'

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If you had 3 days and wanted to take a crazy road trip around Colorado resorts where would you go? The whole idea around this is to make it unique some how - not just drive down to Telluride and ski the new lifts for a few days. More like jump in the car and maybe hit 2 resorts a day and ski some big runs. Assuming we're starting in Summit Co. and can leave the night before, what kind of itinerary would you plan? Where would you ski? What kind of runs?

We're already planning on some weekend trips to Jackson and Salt Lake, so this will probably be just a CO trip. I've also kicked around maybe just doing a mad dash to BC and back.
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Oh - I should add one of the reasons I posted this under backcountry is 'cause we're definitely open to any backcountry stashes along the way to anywhere, or even making the backcountry the destination.
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exactly how do you plan to hit 2 resorts a day AND ski some big runs?
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Hey BV...just as early an season note, you best be watching your early season a** in the CO backcountry. Get good snowpack and avalanche hazard beta before you throw the skins on! Other then that...have a blast. I'm a bit envious as I sit in sunny Lake Tahoe.

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This probably won't be an early season trip - it might be late Feb or so.

As far as hitting two resorts, it'd be a bit of stretch to do something like Telluride and Crested Butte. But Monarch and Crested Butte would be quite doable. And then drive up through Paonia and hit Snowmass and Aspen or something like that. Or even head over to Winter Park and ski through Berthoud from the parking lot.
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I'd drive up to Jackson Hole [img]smile.gif[/img]
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First you need a someone to drive your pick up, you can get cabs but that may screw up your timing. Start at the Gondy in Aspen first thing,ski Difficult back to hwy. 82. Gondy back up,ski Mcfarlins back to 82. Gondy back to ski Midnight to Castle Creek, back to lift 1/Ruthies to ski Keno or Peter Barkers to Castle Creek. Drive to Highlands ski Highlands Bowl all the way to Castle Creek. Return to the top ski Oly Bowl to T Lazy 7. If you have time drive to Snowmass and ski Baldy Bowl back to T Lazy 7. Day one Finished!

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