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which aftermarket liner?

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I'm an aggressive skier who spends a lot of time teaching low end skiers on gentle terrain.  I'm currently wearing a salomon idol 9cs in a 23 shell with a dfp podium footbed.  


My foot measures 23cm long by 100.5mm wide (us 7 or 7.5 D width).  My tibial length is about 34cm and the length from the base of the heel to the widest part of my calf is 26cm.  My calf measures about 38cm at the widest part.  The stock liner on the idol hits my calf just right. The shell fit of the boot leaves about 10-12mm behind the heel. My forefoot touches the sides.  


The liners are well packed out and I've had the shells canted.... hence my reluctance to replace the whole boot.


I'm looking at zipfit diva (it's the only zipfit in a 23)..... intuition ..... surefoot .........


Thanks in advance.....

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zipfit make most of their liners down to a 22.5, so i would be asking your fitter why they don't have them, or if they can get them, one of the denser intuition liners might do the trick as well, it really depends on what sort of feel you are looking to achieve... the zipfit will be firmer round the heel than an intuition, but as it is just neoprene in the forefoot will give a bit more toe wiggle, if you are going to go down the foam route then i would find a good independent fitter rather than a chain to do them for you 

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Thanks for making me take more of a look at the zipfits....


they have 3 liners that go down to my size... classic, world cup, and the diva/tour


I think the classic and diva may have about the same amount of material in them with the diva being a lower cuff and split ?


The WC is their lowest volume made for a race fit... I may have too much volume to take up in the heel/achilles area for it?  I do however have a snug forefoot fit already.


My bootfitter has zipfit, intuition, and conformable (but their website only has the whole custom boot listed).


I'd love to get some pros/cons from you guys on my options?  Yes I've searched the forums first but couldn't find a really good technical discussion.


PS.... I'm looking for a locked in heel fit, I love precision at the foot level. I also  get cold feet easily but usually from the perspiration, I tend to just ignore the cold feet.

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Between Intuition and Conformable I'd say the choice is easy.  Intuition.  Zipfit is a totally different animal and will probably contain your foot better that the Intuition although the higher density Intuitions do a nice job.  Still You want to take up space and lock in your heel and don't complain about lack of warmth (other than from perspiration ) so I'd chose the Zip.



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Thanks for the replies.... I bit the bullet ($$) and went with the zipfit diva.  It fit the shell and my foot really well.  Doesn't appear to mess with my stance... the cuff is a bit taller than the stock liner, but not overkill.  I also love the fact that it's potentially transferable to my next boot and will ski somewhere between 400 and 500 days.   Now I have to get used to those lace up liners and putting the liners and shells on separately.

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