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I know this boot is a few years old, but I bought them as leftovers last year and couldn't be happier.  I've noticed that there are still a number of places selling them online, so I figured I'd throw my impressions out there for anyone interested.  


About myself: I'm a strong advanced/expert skier that has had great difficulty finding ANY boot that was comfortable.  Growing up and skiing in the 80's, I've skied various race boots and had to accept the reality that I had to unbuckle the boots as soon as I got on the chairlift, just to give my feet some relief.  I grew up in Minnesota and never heard of "custom boots" or "plugs" until just recently (heck, don't even know if they even exist in MN).  I finally decided to do a little research and try to find a boot that was designed for narrow feet, and consequently came across the Lang Comp 110's.  The only negative about them is they are a bit difficult to get in/out of when warm and considerably difficult to get out of when cold.  


I ski mainly groomed runs and mix-in moguls when available (Minnesota moguls - usually fairly icy, and unfortunately, often times have sharp faces because snowboarders feel the need to slide down them sideways).  Anyhow, the boots perform as good or even better than the race boots I've used in the past.  I ski on 185 cm Salomon Crossmax 10's, which, frankly I have no idea if they're considered an all-mountain ski, or what, but they have a radius of 18m.  I like to do a lot of quick, slalom-like turns as well as high-speed hard carving and these boots are awesome.  I've even had the luxury of skiing a couple feet of powder in them, so I wouldn't dissuade a powder skier from giving them a try.  Luckily for me, I bought them at a bargain-basement price.  Knowing what I now know, I wouldn't even blink if the price tag was 7 bills - they would be that worth it to me.  I see them advertised for $365 at a number of places online but they can sometimes be found for much less on Ebay (how I found mine).  They are all black with a powder blue tongue and one powder blue buckle, which isn't exactly sexy, but I'd wear 'em proudly if they only came in pink.  


If you have skinny feet and have had difficulty finding a boot that was comfortable, this may be right up your alley.  

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