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It's.... Hammer Time

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Yesterday I skied a pair of Tenex’s mounted with Rainey’s Hammer Head. Even though I tried them at the end of a long first-day-back this season, I could definitely feel the performance leap these puppies are claiming.

I had been skiing a pair of Hellgates with Skyhoy clamps all day. I’ll bet the Skyhoy has torsion advantage over the Hammer, but I couldn’t tell. I thought that said a lot to me.

The guy, Pete is his name, whom I borrowed them from works with Powder Horn Sports in Grand Jct., CO He reps Atomic. I’m going to plug that he does Tele clinics with Powder Horn Ski Area, CO ‘cause it was wicked nice of him to loan his rig to me. [img]smile.gif[/img]
The cable was wrapped under the second pin while I tried them. In this setting there was powerful shovel drive for the hardpack surface. Pete said wrapping the cable under the roller closest to the boot gave the skier a lot of control for alpine style turns. The roller furthest from the boot provides a neutral feel similar to a G3.

He made the adjustments to my boot, last season's T1, very quickly and easily. The spring's tension felt very firm and the spring looked bomber compared to say a Pitbull spring. The cable looked substantial; larger guage than the cable on my #2 Camelot. The steel tubular heel yoke was beefier than G3's and the heel throw was longer for better leverage than G3's.

Finally, the toe bar design did seem to eliminate some rocker going by skiing feel. Although, I didn't put my boot in the binding sans foot to really see if there was a difference in rocker.

'Da Hammer
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These look very interesting, I've heard nothing but good feedback from the beta test crew last year..
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