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When does the blue sky basin at Vail usually open?

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Vail is at least 95% open by Christmas in half of seasons.  Vail is at least 93% open in mid-December in a quarter of seasons.


I would not presume that Blue Sky is the last to open.  The original back bowl (Chair 5) is moderately steep with a lot of south exposure.   The more intermediate pitched China Bowl could provide access to Blue Sky before Chair 5 opens.  I'll defer to Vail locals to tell us what the typical sequence is for opening terrain.

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k, thanks

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Its good because ill be there around Christmas time, thank you for replying so quickly

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We are well ahead of the past two season so far, but the forecast is for limited new snow the next week or so.  Temps have been cold with less sun than usual, so I would imagine that portions of the back bowls are not too far away.  If we get a couple decent storms before/during your trip, skiing should be very good.  Check out the mountain cams during daytime to get an idea of current coverage

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We are well ahead of the past two season so far 

Which were among the worst early seasons in Front Range Colorado history, so not saying much.  However, terrain openings are slightly above the average stats since 1988.  So all that's needed is normal snowfall for the next 2+ weeks.  Next week predicted dry will likely make the mid-December stats right about average.

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Chairs 5 & 17 were open for at least part of the day today- I did not make it back there but it sounds like it did not ski as nice as the front side (and Game Creek) which was in very nice shape overall.  I was told coverage was decent except for the bottom, but with a fair amount of crud (according to a skier who seemed like they may not have been the greatest in variable snow conditions).

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