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boots for longer feet

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My son just turned 17 and entered no mans land in boot sizes.  At the local ski shop he looks like he needed a 33.5 boot.  They did not have anything in inventory and so I thought I would open the discussion onto the forum to see if I can get some direction.  Thanks!

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start with a reality check…………………what does his foot really measure on a brannock device? either mondopoint or standard. if we start with a real number there is a higher percentage chance of actually advising you how to get your son fitted.


i am skeptical of a true size 33 foot. that would have you in the rarest of purified air of human feet sizing.


especially for teenagers that typically wear street shoes that are 2 to 3 sizes bigger than what they measure. as in my son has size 16 shoes so he needs a 33 mondopoint ski boot. when in reality he measures 30 on the sizer and could use either a 30 or a 29 which are relatively common in ski shops.


ski boots for reasons of control and precision need to be true to size. so after getting a true mondopoint measurement, have him shell checked in that size boot. there is a wiki on this site that explains measuring and shel checking.



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We live in rare purified air in our household seems like.  We have other issues as well.  He has a 42 inch inseam and a 31 inch waist.  He is all leg, eats 5,000 calories on a slow day and has a heckuva time finding dress slacks for his waist.  He has family members in the 6'7" range.  We tried on a 32, but to no avail.  I will get the measurement.  Thanks.

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sounds like a likely candidate. shell check is still the key element.


there is also a volume factor. most of the boots built over size 31 mondo are very high in volume and very wide.



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Wow, I'm 6'2" and have a 34": inseam, if his upper body catches up the air is going to be mighty thin up there.  Jim is right, any boots in his size are going to be enormous volume wise and I'm guessing his foot is not a EE.  You might try finding a fitter that is familiar with Zipfit liners since it seems fairly likely that once you find the correct length you'll almost certainly have to take up volume.



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Strolz makes a US 16 if your son is truely over a 32 mondo.

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