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10EX Tele ski?

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Did Atomic make a tele version of the 10EX this year?
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It's a bit confusing at the moment. My understanding of the issue is the following:

Last year Atomic announced there would be a TENEX and a TENEX TM (tele version). Then they changed their minds, and scrapped the TM version, and instead will sell the same TENEX (which is a bit softer than last year's anyway) to both alpine and tele distribution channels (ie., stores).
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The catalog I got from atomic had a plain old 10ex in with their tele skis.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BG:
The catalog I got from atomic had a plain old 10ex in with their tele skis.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Plain old 10ex? Do you mean last years graphics and construction?
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The version of the 10EX that I saw in Mountain Miser in Denver looked the same as the alpine version. I do not know if there is anything different in performance, but they look the same. And they come with a very heafty price tag as well.
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This one:

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Here is the situation: I recently bought this years 10EX from the TM section of a ski shop. At the time I was unaware that Atomic made a 10EX tele ski, so I bought it assuming it was the alpine ski. But now I hear rumors that they did make tele version and I am trying to figure out if I bought the alpine or telemark ski.

The store staff is totally clueless on the issue. The atomic website does list a 10EX tele version, but some of you seem to think one exists.

I need to get to bottom of this before I mount the bindings!
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As far as I can tell from the catalog I got from atomic, the 10ex shown in the tele section is the same ski as the alpine version. All of the other tele skis have tele in the graphics and tm in the name ie tm22, tm18, etc. Only the 10ex doesn't have a tm in the name.
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I'm pretty sure the confusion is because Atomic announced they would have a seperate tele version (which is a fact, they did announce this last Spring), but then backed off and decided to market the one and only TENEX as both a tele and alpine ski. It is a little softer than last year's 10.ex (though with new technology that allows this softer ski to have the same torsional rigidity, supposedly).

I am pretty sure, but we need BetaRacer to confrim this. Unfortunatelym BetaRacer is still on summer vacation.
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Thanks guys, from your info and from powdermags' site it sounds like the tele and alpine version are the same.

Happy turns!
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What's the difference anyway? :
Don't know about Atomic, but I know som manufacturers (sp?) just make a different design, call a ski a tele-ski and make it much more expensive!
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This is a different take than what has been said here.

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I met a guy named Pete yesterday at Loveland Ski Area, CO. He's sponsored by Atomic and had a pair of the '01-'02 Tenex mounted with the HammerHead. He said that there is a '01-'02 tele version of the ski that's no different than the alpine version. He had the alpine version. Very light. He works with Powderhorn Sports out of Grand Junction, CO Give him a call if you have any specific questions about the Atomic Tenex.

Now get this... He let me take a run on his boards. Normally, I'd refuse. But I couldn't pass up the chance to try his boards, and more importantly, the hammerheads. Wow, the hammerhead felt as torsionally rigid as the skyhoys I'd been using all day. He had them set on the second pivot point. I liked the boards too even though I'd been on my Hellgates all day for the first day of the season. I was a little spent and the surface was kinda harrrrrd.
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Seems to me that sticking with the beefy alpine version, but going shorter will give you the best of both worlds -- quicker and easier to control, but also stable and good at crud-busting.
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