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Cambered freestyle skis

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I bought a pair of freestyle full camber skis the volkl alleys and I was wondering if I can use them on rails and boxes even though there cambered.
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Yes, you may want to bevel the bases some, like 1.5 so they're not too hooky. 

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Ive been skiing for 5 years but never freestyle so i'm not sure what that means.

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Originally Posted by mike211999 View Post

Ive been skiing for 5 years but never freestyle so i'm not sure what that means.

Have you ever tuned your skis or had them tuned at a ski shop?


Edge bevel tips for ski and snowboard


Most don't go over 1.0 base but I'd think for rail and park specific skis going 1.5 might be reasonable.

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A lot of park skiers actually prefer a cambered park ski. If you really want to ski rails, heavily detune edges underfoot, and moderately detune the rest of thew ski. Don't change your edge angles beyond the factory tune.

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Finally someone with answers thanks so much and how would i go about detuning them? Yes i have tuned them at a shop but being 14 years old my knowledge is limited

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You can use a gummy stone. Your local ski shop should have them. Detuning your edges will also decrease the change of developing a cracked edge from sliding rails.

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Do I just take the stone and rub it on the edges and how do I know how much I have to take off and how much I have already taken off
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Detuning for the Park with Kyle Smaine


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It seems like your questions have been answered for the most part, but I figure I'll chime in since I was once a 14 year old park skier like you.


As for camber on park skis, there are definitely two different opinions, and it really comes down to how you like to ski. A cambered park ski is going to allow you to be a bit more aggressive in your approach since that camber will allow you to put more power into your skis. Think about it in terms of setting a hard carve off the lip of a jump, or popping off of something. On the flip side, skis without camber are going to let you take a more "surf" style approach. While you'll notice it a bit on jumps, you're more likely to see the difference of a non-cambered ski when it comes to jib features. Surface switchups, taps, finding transitions... they're all easier to accomplish with a non cambered ski.


Put simply, a guy like Gus Kenworthy is going to be on a cambered ski, where as a skier like Kieran McVeigh would more likely choose a ski without camber. It really just comes down to their personal styles of skiing.


As for detuning your edges, it's definitely a good thing to do, but it's not absolutely 100% necessary. If you do decide to detune, you'll definitely avoid catching a fresh edge on boxes and rails. If you don't detune, then I'd recommend avoiding boxes and rails for the first few days while the edges naturally become a bit more dull.


Hope this helps!

Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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I think it's great that you are 14 and seeking out advice.  More power to you.  In the video Gravity Servant provided, don't notch your topsheet with a file, just use a piece of masking tape.


A tuned edge has an angle or 90 degrees or even more acute (89 or 88 degrees).  Such a sharp edge is great for biting into snow when carving on hardpack, but will bite just as hard on a rail.  De-tuning simply refers to rounding or dulling or blunting the edge,  The de-tuned edge won't bite the snow, but it wont bite the rail either.  That's why the dude in the video only de-tuned his edges between the binding (or underfoot).  The edges on tip and tail of the ski are still tuned (have an edge) so they can bit into the snow when you are actually skiing.


Hope this helps and happy skiing..

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