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Marker Dukes mounted 2cm back from centerline?

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I am psyched to be trying out an all new setup this year.  A friend in the industry hooked me up with Cochise boots and skis. We moved Marker Dukes from my older Salomon Sentinels to the Cochises.  My experience with mounting bindings is limited, but I have done it successfully a few times and always like to learn more.  My very experienced friend handled the mount.  Later while adjusting the forward pressure I noticed that the sole midpoint is 2cm behind the factory marked center line on skis.  I asked about the mount position and was told that it was correct and that shouldn't worry about it.  I trust my buddy, but I would like a second opinion or clarification.  I've looked through most of the posts on the subject, but can't determine whether the mount needs to be changed. Should the bindings be remounted so the sole midpoint is directly over the mounting mark on the skis?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Cheers 

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Don't sweat it until you've skied them a few times.
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I agree ski them first, but for point of reference if helpful. I have a pair of S7s from a few years back that I got used and the person who sold them remounted crappier bindings on them before I got them. Net my boots are 2mm ahead of the center line and you cant remount the bindings without getting new ones bc the holes would be so close. 


The skis actually for the most part feel good other than the fact that in mogles I sometimes feel like I get ahead of where I want to be on the ski for and aft. Now the tough question is, what is causing this? I've heard other people say similar things about s7s, I ski in race boots, I sadly could obviously be alot better... etc. 


At any rate, I never re-mounted the bindings, I do really like those skis, but there are occasional moments when I wonder while skiing.... "should I remount these and get new bindings"

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A lot of these type of skis have a sweet spot. More often than not it isn't the center line on the ski. Check on tgr to see where guys are mounting them.
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FWIW, 2mm is a pretty small distance compared to 2cm.


I also agree, ski them first, then decide. If you find that you can't buy a turn even making 'all the right moves', then you probably will want the bindings mounted forward some. If you can make turns on groomers, dice the bumps and rage on the steeps, then leave them where they are. You are already dialed in.


The further forward a binding is mounted, in general (added for the literalists), the easier it will turn because the tip engages the snow more powerfully when the ski is tipped than if the binding is further back.

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