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New Mexico in February

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We're planning on renewing our New Mexico- So. Colorado trip after a couple of year interruption caused by the arrival of grandchildren back East. We usually arrive in Santa Fe on a Thursday so that Jane can spend the weekend with her western granddaughters there, while I try the Ski Bowl, and then head north o Sunday. This year that will be on 2/23 because it's between President's Day and Texas spring break (I hope). Since we have friends with a house in Pagosa, we always spend time there and ski at Wolf Creek (we sometimes spend the night on the way in Los Alamos where they work), and in the past we've spent a few days in Taos either before or after Pagosa.

This year were thinking of skipping Taos. First, we're over 70 so we won't be hiking the ridges or Kachina, and we don't do bumps (not that we ever did), so we seem to be limited to doing laps in the Lower StAuffenberg area and off the Kachina Lift, the basically blue stuff. Second is the question of where to stay - in town with reasonable accommodations and lots of restaurants, and a 45minute drive in the morning, and a hike from parking, or at the mountain and a drive for supper. We have a b&b in Taos we like but after flying 2500 miles, who wants to drive to ski. Right in the ski valley is too expensive, so we've stayed at Amizette Inn, about a mile from the area, but I'd like something a little less funky.

Persuade me I'm wrong about skipping Taos. And is Parajito worth a day since we can spend a day in LA? And is Purgatory worth the drive from Pagosa as a break from WC?
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Pajarito is definitely worth a day if the snow is there. It's a very pretty location and if you have friends in Los Alamos, it'd be super convenient. There's no snowmaking and some seasons are great, some seasons it never opens. One caveat, however, and that it that the grooming is minimal so there are likely to be bumps of some sort or another on many of the runs. I did notice a bunch of folks in the "older" set when we skied there last, so you should feel right at home there.


I do not personally like Purgatory, but then I then I wasn't loooking for groomer runs there, so it might be an option for you. Durango is a nice town.


Monarch/Salida is another possibility from Wolf Creek, Just continue over the pass and stay in Salida and ski that mountain. It's very pretty and has a nice, locals hill feel like WC or Santa Fe. The Princeton Hot Springs near there is amazing, much nicer than the springs in Pagosa.


Amizette is where I'd stay "on" the mountain, so can't help you there. You seem to know what you like and don't, so go for it and try something different.

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