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Knee Pads

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So what's the story with knee pads and tele skiing anyway?

I was just looking at some pics and the skiers were wearing those funky knee pads. I'm no slave to fashion, but knee pads outside the ski pants is not the look that will put tele skiing on the cover of many ski mags.

Sure I get the ski to knee smack very so often, but at worst it stings a bit. Thoughts, comments?
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I know a guy that shattered his patella knee dropping, that's a little worse than a sting. I think it depends most on the type of terrain that you ski, if it's a rockpile your skiing on top of, I say wear the knee pads and forgoe the cover of couloir magazine.
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The best of both worlds: I wear them UNDER my ski pants. Save the knees, and the image. :
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Under the ski pants all the way. I use a really small roller blading pad (an adult small or even a junior size) so it just covers my patella.
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