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How to set forward pressure on Look Pivots

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Quick dumb question: where is the forward pressure indicator on Pivots? Need to take the binding heel in a couple mm temporarily to accommodate an old boot... Thanks!
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Never mind...  For the community benefit, here is the relevant page from the Look technical manual (does feel surprisingly vague and seems ti imply that you adjust it by feel...)

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It does take some "feel" to properly adjust this type of binding.

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There was something posted here last year about aligning the white 'wedge' with the lines on the binding. I tried that and it was not enough forward pressure. So, I've gone back to doing it by feel, but make sure that the white wedge is at least even with the line, usually a little behind it. Another test I have found is to lift the heel of the boot. If you see the brake move (start to drop into the engaged position) there is not enough forward pressure.
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I often drill skis/install inserts for Pivots without having the bindings or sell the bindings mail order so here's the instructions I send out with the skis:


The extending arms have 3 knurled bands on them. The two outer ones are the upper and lower limits. The centre one is the ideal.

Extending the arms eases off the forward pressure and shortening the arms increases it.

A maximum of 8mm adjustment can be made between the two outer bands so when mounting set the template length to your exact boot sole length.

The target should be to have the sloping indicator at the rear of the base plate in line with the notches but this is very often inaccurate so the best method/test is to set the forward pressure so that when the heel piece lever is slowly raised (with boot installed) it gets to half-way and then it ‘snaps’ up. Once the boot is fully locked in there shouldn’t be able any lateral movement at the heel.

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Thanks to all for having this forum available. The pivot heel was extremely loose when sliding it like the picture shows against the boot and the brake was even not in the full up position with the boot engaged. Im pretty pissed off about this to be honest with you. If I follow what these postings say about the screw posts I'm not in the middle band Im pushing a lot closer to the band closest to the boot. They didn't leave much room for different boot sizes. 

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Hi Tmac, it is true they are a bit of a pain to adjust - but when you have them right they are a really great binding. They are the only binding that I use the 50+ setting (appropriate for me) and have never had a release when I didn't want it (or have it hold me in when I wanted out). But - if you are a doityourselfer the adjustment is frustrating until you get it.
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Thanks Alexn and Spyderjon.  Super helpful!

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