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CheapER Eats in Big Sky?'

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Hola, any suggestions so we don't break the bank?  My son (14) of course partial to pizza, burgers, steak, salmon.

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If you are staying in Bozeman, you have lots of reasonable choices. Try MacKenzie River Pizza


or for a great locals place try Soby's:


If you are stuck in Big Sky you are basically screwed. Choppers is not too painful yet still tasty:

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Ouch Big Sky Dining!  Pbbly only way around this is load up on coldcuts and make own subs.....


Tks anyway.

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We stayed in River Rock Lodge at Big Sky last March.  In the adjoining strip mall were reasonably priced Chinese, Thai and pizza places.  River Rock is NOT on the mountain; it's about 5 miles down the access road.  It should not be a problem for you with a car.


However, what you SHOULD be doing is spending that time in cheaper hotels in Salt Lake and spending the $$$ on bootfitting rather than Christmas week resort lodging and ticket prices at a couple of areas with very limited amount of the terrain that you currently like to ski.  It's some what laughable to be worried about the cost of food in Big Sky and ignore the elephant in the room of the holiday lodging and tickets.

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