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BC skiing at Fernie, 2/25/02

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Get out your skinnies, or your fatties! Those of you coming to Fernie should set aside Monday 2/25/02 for a day of guided backcountry skiing (hike up, ski down; as opposed to cat skiing). Our guides will be the folks at Mountain Pursuits in Fernie. Check out their great website at They like to take groups by ability, up to six per guide. Pricing is $250CDN for 2; $50 per for each additional. The best deal is $60 per for groups of 6. We already have one group of six and, given the wonderful opportunity that this presents for many of us to learn more about bc skiing in a beautiful setting (take a look at the photo on their home page) at a great price, we should fill out at least one more group of six.
Based on previous posts, AC, Pierre, Gonzo, Tag and Powdigger will join me for a day in the backcountry of the Lizard Range. Who's coming with us?
I am still communicating with Mountain Pursuits to figure out a convenient method for us to reserve our spots. (Ordinarily they like a single deposit for a group; but that won't work here for obvious reasons). I will posts details on how to reserve your spot, shortly.
PS--Mountain Pursuits also has rental quipment for those who don't have or won't be bringing tele or AT set-ups. They haven't set their rental prices yet. I'll post that info when it is available.
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edit: I took out my asinine post cuz it was inaccurate to boot!

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Hey! I could probably get away from school to come up and ski with you guys. I don't know about any sort of group. I'll mention it to some guys and see what they think.

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I would love to join you guys but I'll be in Whistler. Try to get Steve Kuijt as your guide, he knows his shit, he rips and most of all he's just a really nice guy.
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Right, Steve is gonna be our guide. Hope you guys can join us.
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keep checking this thread. I'll see if I can get some more steves to come.
if i came our group would be 6, just for reference.

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COOL!! I´m in!
I will be in Fernie Jan-Apr, and this seems to be a great way to get to know the area and, just as important, new people!!
Keep posting info!
See you in February!
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I'm stoked that we'll be meeeting some of you guys on the backcountry excursion in Fernie! This off-the beaten trail stuff is what made Fernie the choice for this gathering. See you guys there.
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Hm. I'd love to get up there, is anyone driving from CO or on the way? As much as I'd like to fly I think it'd be a heck of roadtrip.
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I'm thinking about road tripping, but don't plan to swing as far east as CO. If you could get to SLC, maybe we could connect there? I'm thinking of working MT on the way up, maybe ID or WY too.
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I´m out...
The guy who's apartment we were supposed to rent in Fernie just told us it's no longer available! No where to stay, no trip... I'll try to find something in else in Canada, but it looks dark at the moment
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