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Tele boot sizing?

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I have been looking on the Net for some used Tele boots - I wear a 9 Mens US - straight-up in a street shoe - could any suggest a good size in Garmont, Scarpa and Crispi models? any comments appreciated - Thanks!
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I think you can wear the same size, but I recomend you to try them out at a shop before ordering!
I also think that the Garmont are slightly wider then the others...(not sure on that one though)
But as I wrote; try them out, you do NOT want a pair of boots that are half a size too big, that can be really painfull experience.
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I size down about 1 size from my street shoe. It depends on the manufacturer, but I don't downsize as much as I do for alpine boots. If you go with the same size as your street shoe it is likely they will pack out and be too big. Trying them on at a shop is a good idea since differeent boots have different flex points. This seems to be a pretty important consideration as some boots just don't work out that good for some feet.
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I agree with Roto and I'll add that demoing is also important because of the flex point, boot stiffness, and overall fit. I know finding demos can be a pain, but it's better than trying to fix a boot that isn't the right one in the first place.
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Be wary of Scarpa sizes, as they're listed in some other sizing system (UK? I think?) and run a size big. I'm usually between an 11 and 11.5 but with Scarpas I'm a 10.
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