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Where to find AT gear in Minneapolis

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Looking for some AT boots for my girlfriend, the selection around Bozeman is a bit lacking. We are going to have a long lay over in Minneapolis in a couple weeks and was wondering if there is a good shop where she can find a selection of AT boots to check out.

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I have looked high and low for AT boots for myself for the last several months and can tell you that no one really stocks much of anything. Most mountaineering retailers will want to order boots for you from their suppliers, rather than buy various sizes as inventory and then be stuck with them (seems there is almost no market for AT gear in the states). I was in Bozeman briefly a few days ago and checked Northern Lights (Scarpas and Dynafits) and Barrell ( Garmont). Also checked Pipestone in Missoula (Scarpas). Three great shops, but nobody had my size. And forget about even finding a mountaineering retailer once you get away from the Rockies, Cascades or Sierras, or Vermont. (I confess, I have not checked Minnesota!) So, I am pretty much resigned to finding, fitting and buying my AT stuff long distance, via UPS. The good news is that most of these guys will agree to take stuff back from you if you don't like the boots when they arrive (though you will probably have to pay UPS charges).
Good luck and let me know if you find something.
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Yes, it is indeed difficult, but fortunately a shop in France has great prices and equally great service:
(Note that they also sell Atomic skis, but just don't post the prices.)
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well, ya see, we are planning to order her boots through telemark pyrenees, just want to check the size first.
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Since I don't tele, I am not an expert on the local tele equipment market. However, from the shops I do know, you won't find much here. MSP is primarily a XC or downhill area. We've got some great XC shops, particulary some good shops if you are into racing XC, along with some good downhill shops. But, AT boots are a pretty scarce commodity. My best guesses (and these are guesses) are Midwest Mountaineering at (612) 339-3433 near the West Bank of the U. of M campus and the REI store out in Bloomington (952) 884-1990.
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