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Those who ship skis - How much do skis + bindings + packaging weigh?

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Figured I'd ask since I know there's people who know this.

193cm Volkls P40 f1's, consumer cap, with Marker turntable bindings. No plates.

Any guesses?

In general, what do people calculate for weight of skis/bindings and packaging?

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Depends on distances. Last week IL to NH, $36 via USPS 2day @ 20 lbs.
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Did the package actually weigh 20lbs or was that the closest increment for fees?

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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

Figured I'd ask since I know there's people who know this.

193cm Volkls P40 f1's, consumer cap, with Marker turntable bindings. No plates.

Any guesses?

In general, what do people calculate for weight of skis/bindings and packaging?

A lot more than it used to. And it depends on how far. It's been upward of $70 for me lately, for a long ride. 

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How about to Belgium?? - That would be without bindings.

Ever ship International? I did a quick UPS  online calc and it was absurd beyond belief. $493 Was automatically calculated at 35lbs though i put in 12.

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I did mine through EBay and it was a flat rate.
I do ship a lot international through work. You are getting a dimensional weight quote.
Generally it won't be worth it to ship skis.
If you must, make the package as small as possible and use DHL through a third party shipper. Probably about half that number.
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20 lbs. is just about right on the money.  When we ship internationally we usually refer our customers to a shipping forwarder, such as myus.com .  People have been quite happy with their service.  Shipping costs are all about volume (in addition to dimensions and weight).  The most expensive option would be to walk into a UPS store vs. a major forwarder shipping hundreds of packages a day.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks! Will check that out.
Yes I just checked the local shipper. He quoted me $375 for a 12 lb package ( no bindings) to Belgium zip code 1980. That was DHL express.
Seems its tough to do a slow boat to...well Belgium anyway.
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This is also THE worst month to ship, as all of the vendors raise prices. I just paid a $12.50 holiday surcharge with UPS yesterday. Would have normally run about $30 {no bindings}, and it was $44. I don't believe that corporate accounts get hit with the holiday pricing, though. 

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Has anyone dealt with MyUS.com?

I checked it out. It's pretty interesting but I'm not sure I totally understand it.

As I understand it, it's meant for people outside the US to buy things in the US then ship them to where ever.

Things get sent to Sarasota, FL address under your name. Then they ship it to you.


You have to join, which costs $10, and then they charge a fee of 5% if pay by wire transfer or 10% if by credit card. Minimum $10


So, having learned all that, I checked.


A 12lb box. 80 inches x 4in x4in - probably minimum to ship older 198cm skis (63 waist!) = $77.20 from Florida to Belgium via DHL express 1-4 days

that might not work though so an 80 x 4 x 6 = $87.55 but an 80 x 4 x 5 inch package is only $77.20


If you have a higher level membership, it's 20% less but that's $20 to join + monthly fees


UPS ship for same to Florida about $26.

So it's $10 join fee, $10 transaction fee, $26 UPS, $77.20 to Belgium = $123.20  - that's about 1/3 of what a local shipper quoted.($375) Though their box size was much bigger in cross section.


I guess where I'm confused is, what if it's just a private person and not a store shipping? How do they charge?

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Its my understanding that there is no difference.  When we refer customers to myus.com we have no interaction with the forwarder at all.  We have no account with them, no ties- the end user is the only user.  The customer sets up the account, and when we see the order it simply has a ship to address with the customers name to the myus address (in Florida).  From there, its on myus to fulfill the shipment.  And in our case, given that we offer free shipping anywhere in the US (on purchases over $100), the customer only has the myus fees to deal with.


Where are you located?  Occasionally, we will ship things for our customers (in situations similar to yours) at our cost, which is obviously cheaper for them than to use a commercial shipper such as a UPS store or private company where they are taking a fee off the top to handle the transaction.  You might check with your local ski shop to see if they can ship the skis for you to Florida for a slightly cheaper price than the commercial shipper.

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And it goes without saying, if you will be traveling to Belgium yourself, I would recommend checking the skis as baggage.  Thats definitely the cheapest option.

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Yes carting your skis on the Plane is the easiest. The luggage shippers seem to charge about $180 for one pair ski bag door to door. A two pair back I think is about 50$ more.

The Internet "reviews" for freight forwarders are worse than Yelp. Google searches yield pages awash with shill posts,lengthy 2k word "reviews" of some huge problem, sock puppets. It's unreal. If ever there was an industry ripe for takeover, that's it. Amazon or eBay. Could become huge overnight by opening shop.
Myus.com was raided by he Feds last Jan. Not sure why, who knows what people are trying to ship. Apple apparently won't ship to forwarders like myus.
Currently checking MyUs.com and Bongous.com for prices.
I'm in CT
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I can almost guarantee they were raided due to internet fraud.  Its becoming a huge problem- a freight forwarder only adds one more layer of protection for the fraudsters.  And concerning Apple- that makes perfect sense to me as well- they market and plan their supply chains/pricing geographically.  Its something we must be selective with as well, given our agreements with ski manufacturers.  Big sites have been shut down when they start shipping large volumes of product overseas.


Nevertheless, we will continue recommending them as long as we keep hearing good things from our customers.  Let us know if you find something significantly cheaper. 

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Yes I don't necessarily blame the shipping company for getting raided.

Here's the article from Jan '13. That wasn't the first time they've been raided.

One of the complaints online for many of these forwarders is the difficulty they make for people verifying that they exist.


Probably going with bongous.com since they have the Euro office in Belgium and the US office in CT.


Agents raid Sarasota-based shipping company


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Glad you found a reasonable choice. Let us now how its goes!  We'd love to refine the options we recommend. 

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A couple of years ago I sold a few pairs of used skis with bindings and shipped (lower 48 US) USPS Parcel Post and never paid more than $25. Recently I sold some skis on eBay, and when I went to ship I was in for a rude awakening. USPS prices have gone up, and what they slyly don't tell you very well is that is the total package length + girth is more than 108" the price will jump significantly! (They do mention a 130" limit, but I don't recall when calculating shipping fees the web site informing me of a price jump once 108" is exceeded.)


I had a pair of 200cm skis (no bindings) to ship, and fortunately I was able to trim the box down so the total dimension was 108". One post office I went to measured it 1" more than that, and the shipping price jumped more than  $40! Took it to another and they measured it right at 108", and the price dropped to $27. Think the total weight was about 11 lb, shipped from California to New Mexico.


Anyway, do your homework up front, or be prepared to pay the price!



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Internationally, to Canada, the maximum length is 79inches and length plus girth is 108 inches.




Did a quick look on pricing.

Package 78 x 7.5 x 4.5 and 20lbs = $68.91 online and 74.90 at post office.

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Just to update this thread.

Shipped the skis with bindings to Canada via US Postal. Weighed 18 lbs, skis were 193's.
Canada Post has a limit of 79 inches in length.
Cost was about $69 done online then taken to post office. No customs charge. Fed Ex and Ups apparently charge customs fee even if there's no Customs charge.

Was pretty easy actually. No problems.

Shipping to Belgium:

The 198's unmounted we're 80 inches long x 3.5 x 6 boxed. Weight was 13.1 lbs total.
These went FedEx to BongoUs.com.

Recipient registered at BongoUs.com and got an address there. BongoUs then forwarded it to Belgium. BongoUs locale was in Bridgeport, CT.

They said it would get there in Belgium Dec 27th after arriving at Bongo on the 17th.
Cost was a little over $66. Complete with all fees. 11$ prepayed customs fee was not used and it was ok in the end. Ymmv.

It did in fact arrive the 27th!
We'd have to say the BongoUs.com experience was excellent.
They did unpack the skis and weigh them, then put back in my packaging and put the whole thing in another box. (They didn't fully unwrap the pair since you could see them through plastic wrap) They also took photos and sent them before shipping.
Everything worked quite well even in midst of snow storm and Christmas season.

Special thanks to @GettingThere for help with FedEx shipping to Bongo. I must say FedEx Ground totally rocked it in busiest period of year.

So I would definitely recommend BongoUs.com based on this one experience shipping skis overseas. It was vastly cheaper then walking in to a shipper.
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