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Hello, I'm new to skiing my friends actually convinced me to go this year. A guy in our neighborhood is selling a pair of skis which I know nothing about. Can anyone ppleas tell me about these. Are these good for beginners and how much are they worth? I tried searching online but couldn't find any info.Thank you so much.

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they don;t look parabolic; rather, they appear to be quite old.  The newer equip ski very differently from the older stuff.

since you're new to the sport, i recommend you rent for the first few trips. 

Then find a recommended local ski shop, they'll be more knowledgeable and almost always better than the big box stores.


You'll get an idea of length and type of ski best for you  i would go that route before you commit to a new pair.

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Buy those as museum pieces only. Just rent a pair on mountain, should set you back 25 bucks or so..
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