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Overdue upgrade

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First post and little long winded. I wait way too long between equipment upgrades and would like some opinions on my latest choice.

I live in southern Arizona. I ski a couple smaller resorts (Sunrise Arizona, Ski Apache New Mexico) since, they’re closer. I also ski Taos. I have a friend in Ogden so, I ski Alta, Powder Mountain, Snowbird, Snow Basin. I travel to Germany on occasion for work so, I ski with my German friends in the Austrian Alps (Saalbach, Ischgl, Flachau).

I’m 49, 5’11”, 185lbs, skied 30+ years. I love powder when I can get it (who doesn’t) Hunziker Bowl Taos, Castles Alta. I like single black diamond bumps. When the bump runs get too steep I shy away. I love speed on anything with less bumps.

I learned on the long skinnys. My first set of skis were K2 KVC 195. My next and current skis are Salomon Xscream 187. Don’t laugh. I know I’m way behind on technology. I demo’ed Atomic Access 181 last year at Powder Mountain on a perfect powder day and loved them. I was surprised how well fat skis carved on the groomers early in the day before the big powder dump. Of course, they were amazing in powder. I’m looking for one ski that does everything well. I know there will be sacrifices.

I’m thinking: Rossignol Soul 7 188, Marker Griffon 110mm.

For my height, Rossi recommends height + 5cm for advanced skiers (185cm). I’ve always skied long skis so, I think I’ll go 188cm instead of 180cm. Rossi also recommends their Axial 120 XXL but, I’m partial to Markers. My last two skis had Marker race bindings and when I had problems with a set they hooked me up.

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What didn't you like about the Access?

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Originally Posted by RickO661 View Post

What didn't you like about the Access?

Absolutely nothing but, both days I demo'ed were powder days. From the reviews, the Access is softer and a less capable carver. The Soul 7 is supposed to be a more rounded performer. But, what do I know. I'm hoping someone on this forum knows.
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