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Can EX3i binding plates be swapped between identical Nordica skis?

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Last year I had the good fortune to acquire two pairs (year 2009 and year 2010) of Nordica Doberman GS Pro skis.


The two pairs are identical in size and shape except for the cosmetics and the brand of bindings attached to the plates.


The 2009 pair has Marker bindings which can be positioned independently on the rail system.

The 2010 pair has Vist bindings and the center line of the binding always aligns with the center line of the ski, independent of boot size.


I would like to interchange the plates between the two pairs of skis but after removing all the visible plate and binding screws, I can't figure how to slide out the movable metal plate parts from the metal grooves permanently molded into the ski's top surface.


I can't imagine that all the movable plate parts were cast into the ski while it was still in the manufacturer's mold. Someone must have slid the movable metal parts into the grooves afterwards.


How to slide these same parts out now? Has anyone ever done this successfully?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Correction to the thread title.


The 2010 plates are actually called XBi CT.


XBi is short for "X-Balance integrated" and CT is short for "Central Turn Table".


The 2009 plates are probably called XBi without the CT, because there is no central key to turn in order to set the boot sole length adjustment.

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I now have a partial solution to my problem.


My original hope was to combine the best plate/binding combination (the 2009 XBi Marker) on the pair of Nordica skis in the best shape (2010). I like the 2009 XBi plate because it lets me easily move my boot forward relative to the ski's center mark.


Yes, the 2009 XBi plate can be removed from its ski, I did it successfully once I realized how it's done, by first removing the front and rear translucent V shaped plastic moldings under the security torx screws, then the XBi rail system can be slid back 3.5 inches which allows the sliding parts to separate from the rails embedded in the ski.


However, I did not have the same success repeating the procedure with the 2010 Xbi-CT plate, as the front and rear sliding parts are tied together in the center by a turn key/differential gear and I did not see any obvious way to disassemble the gear system so that there would be much more freedom for the parts to slide and eventually un-clip from the integrated rails.


So I won't be able to swap Marker and Vist bindings between the two pairs of skis, but I now see how I can potentially reposition my boot forward of the center mark on the 2010 pair of skis.


It looks like I can play with the XBi-CT gearing system so that I can alter the center of the binding relative to the center of the ski.


With the Xbi-CT system, for every complete counter clockwise turn of the control key, the toe moves forward by 5 mm. in distance as the heel moves backwards by the same amount.


If I want the toe to move forward by 5 mm. and the heel to also move forward by 5 mm., then I need to note the ratio of the gears in the differential and move only the rear gear by a precise number of tooth positions to maintain the same relative distance between the toe piece and heel piece. Even if I have to round up or down to the nearest tooth position, the heel has a tolerance for boot sole lengths varying by a few millimeters.

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I know it's an old thread and I doubt if there is another skier in the world in the same situation, but here's a final update.


In the above post, I lamented over the fact that I could easily get the XBi (non CT) plate assembly out of the rails on the 2009 model year Nordica Doberman GS Pro skis, but I was having a problem getting the XBi-CT plate assembly out of the rails on the 2010 model year skis.


It turns out that initially I could only pull the assembly back in the rails 2.5" once the 4 torx screws were removed. Today I tried again and with more effort, the assembly did slide back 3.25", which was enough displacement to allow the assembly hooks to be clear of the rails and pop out.


About an hour later, my better pair of skis (2010) had what I consider to be the better binding (Marker) mounted on them, leaving the Vist binding on the older (2019) skis with less camber.


It appears that there is a recall on identical or similar style Nordica XBi (non-CT) demo plates. For anyone who needs to swap XBi plates with XBi-CT plates, now they know that it is possible.

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