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Binding choices.

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I just bought a new pair of Chubbs that I wanted to set up for tele. I currently ride on some Power Karves with Super Loops. I use a new Scarpa T1. I wanted to get some opinions on the different bindings out there that would work well with this set up. I wanted to stay away from Linkens or Raineys because I do not want to worry about finding someone to mount them, but would appreciate your opinions on them as well.
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NoPain, I got my first issue of Couloir for this season last night. Woo Hoo! Extensive review of tested tele bindings is in that issue. Also, those of you who have been talking randonee, there's are reviews of that type binding as well. Although, there's not much new in the randonee world of bindings.

Back to tele...

I'm going with G3. First, their stuff works, it's proven, and feels great (caveat, I broke 2 toe bars on a pair of T9's last spring. They're not using titanium for the bar this season.) Second, from a personal standpoint, I get their stuff on shop form.

The HammerHead was viewed very favorably. I didn't know until reading the reviews last night that 300 HammerHeads have been tested for the past 3 seasons. There's 2 inches of travel in their spring which is about 2x's the travel of other bindings. Therefore, no more bottoming out the travel, especially for peole with big feet.

On the down side... I've spoken with a few local shops here in Summit Co about mounting them. They ain't happy about rainey's choice to sell direct. I gotta say that I'm concerned about their position cause they're a resource that I depend on.

I really like the HammerHead from a gut standpoint. Rainey has put a lot of thought into this contraption. Their superloop went through a lot of growing pains but on the flip side they've learned a lot about the better mouse trap through trial. Maybe next season if they re-enter the retail market?

A neat review of a Bomber binding (you know, the maker of plate carving snowboard bindings) in a tele version is also reviewed.

Bindings I own:
G3 [img]smile.gif[/img]
Superloop [img]smile.gif[/img]
Skyhoy [img]smile.gif[/img]

Wadda ya think? I wanna know your perspective.
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Thanks PinHead. The G3 was the way I was leaning, but I would consider the Hammerhead based upon my experience with the Super Loop. However, I feel the same way about the shops here in Denver. Some have treated me really well throughout the years and I really appreciate that. I have thought about calling around and seeing if there are any leftover SuperLoops, but I have not seen any in Stores. One of the guys here made a good point on the situation, How are people going to want to buy a binding they cannot try. I really just wanted to open up a discussion for everyone on the bindings they prefer and why.
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I love my loops. The Linkens are not hard to mount, and have AMAZING responsiveness once you adjust to them -- but the snowbuildup is a real issue. I'm looking forward to trying some hammerheads this year as well.
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You may want to check out Voile's new Hard Wire binding. It uses an updated (stronger) toe piece from the Classic Cable binding, along with solid wires and compression springs for the "cable". Voile's compression springs have a longer travel than G3's. People who have tried them stated that they are even more responsive than Superloops. They use the standard 3 hole mounting pattern, so any tele shop should be able to mount them, and they will fit most shims and release systems. Check Voile's web site for more info. Hope this helps. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I would recomend the Linkens. For all of you that had snow buildup problems last spring that has been fixed. A new shim configuartion and a polished plate on the new bindings solves that. If you have an old pair all you have to do is trim the yellow portion of your front shim off. This takes literaly 30-45 seconds per ski.

I would be a little bit leary about believing that the Hammerhead has been tested by 300 skiers for the past three years. They only introduced the big beta test program last february because Rainey Designs only had like 5 pair made up before that. Many of the bindings had failures (like any new binding) but it has been my experience that the Superloops still have durability issues and they have had quite a few years to get that binding dialed....

The G3 is a good binding but is starting to become obsolete. The "old school" cable bindings with cables running along the side of the boot have been around for some time and are being replaced by new concepts.

Skyhoy has shelved production for this season trying to work some things out. 7TM will be production this year with their plate binding. Voile has their new plate binding under full production and Julius Silvenius and the Bomber binding are two that I have not personally used but are out there. My basic advice would be to get a plate binding, they have all the power and control that you could ask for.
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