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WTB: Race ski for turn non-FIS courses

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Darn - typo in the title.  I mean to say "turny" non-FIS courses.


Me:  6'4, 230 lbs., 32 yo male

Newish skier (3 seasons, approximately 100 days) but good ski technique - have skied with a lot of coaches, just getting into racing




1.  East coast beer league at Nashoba Valley in Massachusetts - GS gates, but almost like a "Super Slalom" - very short turny course.  Example of the course here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2FPx6QTD9Y


2.  Gates every weekend at Sunday River in Maine with the Adult Seasonal program.  A bit longer turns closer to GS but not a full FIS GS course.  The coach who sets the gates skis on Atomic D2s, 19m radius @ 179.


Midway through last season I started skiing on a pair of FIS slalom skis @ 170.  I care more about progressing as a skier than shaving a few tenths off my time in the beer league, so I'm looking for something more suited to carivng the gates on the weekends.  The slalom skis work okay at Nashoba, but are a bit short for any sort of speed, and the radius is pretty short for the courses we're running at Sunday River.  I'm looking for something -at least- 179, and hoping for something in the 183-185 range.  A radius in the high teens would be perfect.  Seeing as how we're on the east coast, good edges are critical.


Let me know if you've got something that may be helpful, or if you can recommend something that'll work.

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I have a pair of Rossignol World Cup 9X Ti cheater GS skis - 181cm / 21m radius.  Radius might be a touch long for Nashoba, might also be fine - hard to say (depends on edge angles / preference).  Maybe others can offer their thoughts.  Let me know if you have any interest.  I'm in the Boston area (actually coached at Nashoba and gate kept for the beer league in the past).


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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Originally Posted by bjohansson View Post

If you want cheap, see this thread




I saw those  before I posted - was hoping for something a *little* more modern, and maybe with a little shorter radius... I may be in touch if nothing else turns up!

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Oddly enough, I'm about to post up the following skis. I have 1 day on these and bought them new, I just have too many skis and only 2 feet! They are in like new condition with Look pivot 14 bindings(7-14 din). The skis are 184cm with a 92-64-104 sidecut. Make me an offer, I just don't like good stuff going to waste. Also, I am in Waltham so if you want to see them I'm sure we can work something out.

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I have a pair that would work well at Sunday River...




Flawless bases. Haven't been skied on since 2012, but have been through the hotbox a few times since then. Edges are razor sharp, set at a .5 and a 3. Someone your size shouldn't have an issue moving these skis around in a GS course. Do remember that GS sets are getting a bit longer now with the new regs, so a bigger radius will help out just a bit.

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