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Just discovered a great low cost solution for all Xmax Salomon ski boots.


First the issue.

Leaking boot shell. Allows wet snow/water into shell.


I verified my new boots and indeed a small thin epoxy bead is set inside to upper side of shell.

However it starts away from blacktoe  tip thus there is a space at very beginning and in my case I had to "modify" shell since I have the "Peters" toe issue.

The upper toe section had to be "punched out" with heat and mechanical ball apparatus.


As a result the upper lip never really mated with lower section even when buckled.

I could feel cold air coming into boots!

I am sure water or wet snow would get into boots during spring skiing.




I took a 10 mm piece of 2mm thick plastic section ( from Marker racing plastic plates used to create ramp angles).

I taped piece UNDER first buckle so that piece mates with black Salomon logo piece near toe. Thus extends out towards toe logo area.


When I buckle this first buckle, the plastic piece presses on shell section that curves up.

The two sections mate with mild pressure.

No snow water or air get into boots now!


Simple solution.

Clean solution since tape is black duct tape and few skiers notice modifications.


Hope it helps some of you "adapt" your Xmax ski boots to "non-leaking mode ".


In conclusion, love boots, love fit, love ski feel with boots!