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DIY tech fitting on boots

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I am curious if anyone has any experience, or know someone who has put tech fittings on a non tech built boot. I have technica Cochise's and they are ok but still not a real stiff boot. I want a dooberman with tech fittings. I have some old rossi experience 130's that I am willing to butcher as a trial and error thing but I am not sure where to start.


I am familiar with the cast system but want the rear tech piece too, and cast doesn't do that to my knowledge. 


My idea is to shave the boot bottom enough, or build a mold of some sort, that will allow me to attach the tech soles from my cochise to the Rossi 130's. My other idea was to attach the Rossi upper cuff to the cochise lower.


Am I being dumb here and trying to do things that are not doable? or, is their a possibility of my franken boot working?


Any ideas are welcome, I am tired of wimpy AT hiking boots. I have not skied a Vulcan and really do not want to due to the rockered sole's and always having to use a binding with a toe height adjust. Also my understanding from others who have, or have had the Vulcans, is that they are similar in flex to the Cochise.


Thank you,


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Thank you Bob

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