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Tech bindings mounted crooked

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I bought a set of almost new G3 Onyx bindings from a fellow bear.  I brought them to a reputable ski shop in Montreal to be installed on a brand new pair of skis that I had bought online.  I made sure to ask and confirm that they had the required jig to install those bindings, which they did.


A few weeks later, whilst looking at the skis, I noticed that the toe pieces appeared to be slightly off center.  I inserted the boot in and Lo and behold, the slots at the back of the boot do not quite line up with the pins of the heelpiece.  They are off by a few mm.  Not much, but noticeable.  To insert the boot in the heelpiece, it becomes necessary to slightly torque the boot.  There is enough slop to accomplish that without releasing the binding at the toepiece, but I am afraid that it might be a problem when skiing.  Am i worrying for nothing, or should I ask the shop to remedy their work.  If so, what can be done, other than installing some kind of plate and re-drilling?

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If they are off haul em back to the shop, if they are reputable they should fix this


if they used the Jig correctly this should have never happened


Or maybe they free handed them ????

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It may be no big deal. For a few mm of correction it is often possible to correct the alignment simply by loosening the binding screws, realigning the binding pieces, and retightening. It isn't uncommon for a correctly drilled set-up to get slightly out of whack during the screw tightening.

Don't freak out yet, just have the shop address the issue.
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Have you checked with both boots in the same binding. Sometimes the boots are a bit of. My first pair of maestrale where 3 mm different between the left and right boot. I guess I could have gotten away with splitting the difference, but I got them exchanged since they were brand new.


Even with perfectly drilled holes it is possible to adjust the position of the heel a couple of mm's when tightening the screws. See step 9

on this page:


"Nudge boot left or right 'till the metal fitting on the boot is nicely centered on the heel unit pins. Remove boot, and tighten toe unit screws that line up the best, re-check boot heel alignment, and continue to tighten toe unit screws."


I get to practice this skill a bit to often since I have my dynafits on plates and inserts and swap them between skis. The above page is for dynafit bindings but I would guess that the same applies for Onyx. I really like the sound when both heel pins hit exactly at the same time, but I guess a slight bit of spring preload probably does no harm...


So take them back to the store. They might be able to fix this by just loosening and retightening the screws. If you try to do it yourself then use heat before loosening the screws if they where glued in with epoxy.

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