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Burton uniforms for US Olympic team....

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Now ain't this real classy...

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Looks like crap.
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It's a good looking jacket but has little to do with the Olympics. That patch on the chest may be a new low with a bar that's already way down there.

Overall I don't get it. It's not Olympic fashion, just fashion. So, Thumbs Down x 2.

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Click for larger image


US snowboard team riding gear by Burton. 

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Wow. What to say? I guess they went with the patchwork quilt theme and thought it was pretty clever. The left sleeve is pretty good, though you could've gotten arrested in the late 60's doing that. The right sleeve - another abomination of a patch. USA in some sort of weird gold cheez ball patch.

Again, they're making statements to sell their own future styles. I guess. It has little to do with Olympics or a team. It's a somewhat ironic/sarcastic/cool theme that doesn't work all that well. Jacket would go well left on a dumpster.

It does grow on me somewhat. If they'd change that stupid patch on the right and maybe add some element that wasn't washed out, it could actually work. Still, it's too casual.

Overall, another Thumbs Down x1.5.



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Are these for the entire winter team or just for snowboarding, or snowboarding and skiing? I agree with above, not impressed.
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One wonders whether the designers and more importantly, those who approved the designs ever played a team sport.

I get the sense that any sort of "team" look they think would be cheezy so they go for these odd styles. That's the challenge though, to make it look good yet be a team.


In the words of Herb Brooks, coach of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team, "The name on the back of the jersey is not as important as the name on the front."


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Do they come reeking of weed already?  Bigger, more important question is .. "Where are they made?":rolleyes 


I don't mind the jacket so much as the fake ripped up jeans.  I still remember when they were selling pre- ripped jeans intended to help hipsters look like they actually work for a living.. POSERS!   I'd prefer they wear real, actual worn out pants to distressed, faux crap like that..

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So... basically we lose if Russia round up the homeless around the Olympic village?
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Originally Posted by sofort99 View Post

So... basically we lose if Russia round up the homeless around the Olympic village?

No, that is the gay people that they will be :nono:rounding up. 

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Originally Posted by Ewok View Post

Are these for the entire winter team or just for snowboarding, or snowboarding and skiing? I agree with above, not impressed.


I think just the snowboarding team, which would make sense. I think Ralph Lauren is designing the general team look.
I still think his design for the 2010 Olympics was pretty classic:


And it's light years ahead of this year's German uniform: (kind of surprising for the Germans actually)


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Not impressed.  The snowboarders have better uniforms

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I have to agree with @Tog  on this one.  

I'd be curious to know what the team members think of their new uniform. 

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Originally Posted by dakine View Post

Now ain't this real classy...

Pretty sure that is the uniform from last Olympics

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My bad.

Got the article right but the photo wrong.

They still look like homeless people.

Maybe that's the point given our new normal economy.

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I find it funny that people still try and portray snowboarding as some counter culture activity. Even though at this point it's pretty damn mainstream whereas freeskiing/freestyle is portrayed in some squeaky clean light.

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Class with a capital "K".
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I have to say that I really liked the 2010 uniform, but I also skied in jeans in the 1980's.


I don't hate the new uniform, but I would like it better if it wasn't dingy out of the box.

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Well, we have apparently gone with this:

... (Click to show)





Could be worse, I guess, but it's not exactly great.


(Sorry, it was hard to find decent photos.)



Personally I quite liked the U.S. 2010 Ralph Lauren stuff, although that photo above (with the marching) seems a bit over-produced. The Burton gear is not to my liking, but Germany... well, ew.

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Photos: Burton Snowboards         Men's Olympic Village Jacket


Men's Competition Jacket



Women's Competition Jacket



This is from the statement released today at the launch:


To design the uniform for the 2014 Sochi Games, Burton once again turned to America's heritage for inspiration. And nothing represents Americana more than handcrafted patchwork quilts and the American flag, which are both at the heart of the 2014 uniform. After a long hunt, Burton designers found the perfect vintage quilt at an antique fair. Then, they brought it home to Vermont where it was deconstructed and re-constructed by a veteran Vermont quilt maker in order to get it ready to replicate onto the outerwear fabrics. Following this, Burton developed a method to print exact replicas of both the quilt and a vintage American flag onto the fabric of the jackets. The end result is that the quilt pattern on the jackets looks like it was hand-stitched with patchwork squares – just like the original. And an exact duplicate of the vintage American flag is proudly featured on the jacket's sleeve.


With the design inspiration in place, the next step was to ensure that the outerwear would perform at Burton's best-in-class standards so that the athletes are warm and dry in the unpredictable weather conditions that could be encountered in Sochi. So, Burton turned to the U.S. Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center to research and develop Burton's all new DRYRIDE Vaporshell laminate, which is showcased for the first time in the Olympic Competition Jackets. The end result is a super waterproof and breathable fabric that can stand up to any weather condition.


The Burton Olympic Competition Pants were also designed with considerable care and attention to detail. Corduroy was chosen for the pant fabric since it has been a staple of American clothing for generations. To ensure the highest level of performance, Burton sourced a highly technical corduroy fabric (also featured on the shoulders of the Competition Jacket), which is weatherproofed with Burton's new DRYRIDE Nanoshell laminate that features a waterproof/breathable membrane to keep the riders warm and dry. To round out the outerwear, Burton also designed all items that will be worn under the jacket and pants, including first-layer bottoms and tops, three different beanies, gloves/mitts and a cozy wool/silk blend competition pull-over fleece.


"We're really proud that the 2014 uniform builds on Burton's legacy of creating fun, unconventional designs that stray from the formal, traditional look of most uniforms," said Greg Dacyshyn, Chief Creative Officer at Burton Snowboards. "The vintage quilt and flag print of the jacket combined with the corduroy pants give the uniform a 'heirloom hippy' vibe that lines up with snowboarding's laid-back culture while paying respect to America's longstanding creative heritage. It will stand out in Sochi for sure."




I'm liking them more. However, the "Burton" insignia plastered over the field of stars of the flag is rather appalling.  Neil Armstrong is rolling in his grave. He'd never have even part of his autograph covering a flag on a spacesuit in a photograph. This logo over "an exact duplicate of the vintage American flag is proudly featured on the jacket's sleeve", is just gross.


The left sleeve patches are excessively 19th centuryish.

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Team homeless.
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best thing about this is that it probably costs a ton of money!

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Originally Posted by Tog View Post


Men's Competition Jacket



This is quite possibly the fugliest thing I have ever seen.



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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post


This is quite possibly the fugliest thing I have ever seen.





While I do find it kind of ugly, I find it more strange and boring as well.

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A lot of war vet are not going to be happy with that use of our flag.

I'm not either and don't think the US flag should ever be used for decoration.

Too many guys have died under it to trivialize it.

My wife disagrees with me.

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There have been some tasteful and patriotic ways to incorporate the flag as an article of clothing but this is not one of them, and veterans may be offended. Here is the section from the US Flag Code:

No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch may be affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations. The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. Therefore, the lapel flag pin being a replica, should be worn on the left lapel near the heart.
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Kudos to Burton for trying.


I feel they totally missed the boat on this and cannot believe the Olympic committee went with this design choice.


The team wear should have been absolutely classy.


Put different people in charge next time - this was a swing and a miss.

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Can live with the jacket, the worn jean look is trashy appearing IMHO. Probably showing my age by my negative first impression.
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Too bad they can't wear the freestyle uniforms made by North Face, they are modern but still look "classic", meaning they won't look funny in 5 or 10 years.
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