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Recommendation for hard to fit foot

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I have a hard to fit foot, at least I think I do.


Size 14, width A, flat foot with zero arch.  Advanced skier (200 lbs)


I contacted a boot fitter today and he recommended I go with Dale Boots because he doubted he could help me.  I called Dale and he said they would evaluate me once I sent in the form with my measurements.

My problem is I live in Texas and had intended on getting fit in the Vail/BC area.  There is a Dale Boot fitter in Englewood.  But, I'd have to use their fitting form to have the shell made in SLC and they would ship to Englewood.  I'm not sure how good of an idea this is since if the shell wasn't correct for some reason, I'd be stuck (and with a rather large bill).


I wanted a low volume boot but in my length, it may be very difficult with an off the shelf boot.


The ones I was going to try were (mondo size 31.5 or 32):


Fischer Hybrid 10 and 12+

Lange RX 130 and 100

Salomon X-Pro 100

Salomon Quest 110

Atomix Hawx 110

Dalbello Viper 120


Any recommendations/ideas would be appreciated.

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impossible to say without your foot in front of me,BUT not much on the list you have provided could be described as low volume


X pro is up there in the  high volume category, Hawx is medium at best if not higher , the lange RX if it is the LV model is about the lowest of the list but even that has a whole heap of room over the top of the foot


the problem may be the size you are trying to get to... (not what is available but what you need)  a US14 is a UK 13 , i am a UK11 in pretty much every regular shoe i own and ski in some models in a 28, and some in a 27 (new salomon shells for example)  so... do you really need a 31.5 or a 32 or would a 30 be big enough???? or even a very long 29?????


the only person who can determine this is a good boot fitter with your feet in front of them... whilst the Dale boot is great for many things a super skinny flat foot is not normally something i would consider suggesting it for, i should add i do not sell the Dale boot but i do refer a few people to have it fitted 


remember that the longer the boot the wider it is AND the more volume it has, so getting the length as neat as possible is really important for you

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My last boot, a Tecnica TNT was a 30 and it was way too short.  I was fitted incorrectly.  The boots are gone and I'm looking to find something that actually fits.


I'm starting to lose hope and may just try to demo some boots when I go to Vail/BC the end of January.

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ok so here is the first problem, because the tecnica was too short in a 30 you assume that everything else is.... 


example, i measure 29 on my left foot on the brannock measurer if i put the following boots on out the box this is how they feel  (i have done a shell check in each of them but at this point i am talking about out the box feel)


head raptor in a 28 needs a little bit of space for big toe and fifth met head but other than that all good

lange RS/RX in a  28 feels too big, 27 need a touch of space in the toe box

Salomon X Max 27 works for the toes right out the box but i need  just a little more room across the top of my foot (the heat mold will deal with that

Tecnica Cochise Pro, in a 28 it feels like my toes are doubled under my foot


now i have no idea how your foot measures but i know my foot and the above is what i feel in those boots... the tecnica runs short...OR DOES IT?  it may just be the liner it may be the toe box shape, but that is why you need a good boot fitter, not a boot seller


try not to focus on models but on the people who can help you get it right


if you are off to Vail, get an appointment to see Greg Hoffman, he posts on here, long low volume feet should not be too much of an issue to him, if there is an issue at least you will have had a second opinion from a  top boot fitter

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Thanks very much for the input, it is appreciated. Greg Hoffman is who I called who didn't seem to think he could help me. I will call him back.
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I called Greg Hoffman back.  We talked for awhile and after our discussion, he recommended Surefoot.  Now, from what I've read on here, I'm now as confused as ever due to poor reports about the Surefoot process/products.


I did call Surefoot and they said they could help me.  I'm just skeptical spending that much money on something that gives such mixed results.  I think I'll switch to snowboarding.  :D

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