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Rainey problems.

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I just heard from a reliable source that Rainey did not get a loan to fund production for this years bindings, and will not be able to fill orders for shops. Rainey will produce bindings, including the new Hammerhead, but in smaller quantities, and will sell them direct from the website. Anybody else know anything about this?
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I don't think i would buy a rainey binding without dealer support. In one season i broke five pairs of superloops and the ski shop where i bought them replaced them from stock each time, i never missed more than the day I broke the binding. With the internet sales only, it would take weeks. Maybe if they gave me two pairs?

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Rainey has always been super fast to respond to email and phone calls. I needed cable guides for my loops, I had them in 3 days. Now since I live in the same town - its about 30 minutes.
Ridgehiker - sorry you blew 5 pairs, but you can't say the new toe bars aren't stellar and relatively bomber. Beside you are up one state, you would have a replacement in 3 days tops ---

I don't think this move to internet sales only is a good idea - I think he is shooting himself in the foot. IMHO. But I will still purchase loops cause I like them.
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Russel just did an interview with TTtips to address this situation. http://www.telemarktips.com/TeleNews3.html

Pretty interesting situation.
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the new toe bars aren't the problem,

While starting a tour, i latched into my ski and as i put the front throw down, the little plastic star shaped thing popped out. Got to sit in the truck while my buddies and my dog went skiing.

Blew out an old style toe bar at about 40mph running groomer. That was a little zesty.

got the new plates, then bent three pairs and ripped the rear screws out of the ski. They were bending right between the front throw and the toe bar. Happened on landing each time.

So far I have had no problems with the G3 targas i replaced my sl's with, but I think i will either get a linken or voile plate binding this season.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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I stoped by a local shop here and asked about Rainey bindings and they said they were not touching them this year, no mounts, no repairs, nothing. They have carried there bindings for years. They did have a good point as well, there will not be any Hammerheads on retal fleets either so demoing will be difficult.
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