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boots like lange rs110?

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Hi experts,

My foot matches the Lange rs110 decently. Too much heel lift out of the box, but otherwise was the best match fanatykco found. I'm wondering with all these cyber Monday sales and boot discounts if there's another boot shaped the same as the Lange rs110 in a different brand?
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most of the 98mm boots will be "similar"...BUT it is the small differences that make the difference in terms of fit.... the fact that the RS has heel lift out the box says to me that  it is either 


too big

too wide in the heel

too large in the heel /instep circumference

or all of the above


impossible to say without seeing your foot and the shell... what was the shell check?  was the lift when you flex or when you try and wrench your heel out of the boot using the calf muscle



have a read at http://www.epicski.com/a/boot-fitting-which-boot-will-work-for-me 


this might give you some more ideas and let you give us a bit more detail

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Initially there was no heel lift after donuts and padding the skinny areas above the heel itself. Heel lift only started after the stock liner started breaking down (about 30 days in); once I replaced the liner with an Intuition it was fine. The shell length is definitely snug at 27.5, it's had a lot of grinding done to make space for the big toe, but it fits great. 


The Lange RS may be a bit wide in the heel for me, but I was told it was the narrowest... are there boots narrower in the heel but otherwise the same? Also I'm OK with the heel width of this boot since the intuition liners give me great heel lock. 


Just wondering if other manufacturers have boot shapes that are a close enough match to the Lange RS 110 that I could buy sight unseen. 

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lots of other boots that are narrower, and then you can get the forefoot made bigger.    maybe talk to some more stores to see if they have any real race boots?  usually they are 98-95mm and should help hold your heal in place better.

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