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If you haven't had a chance to ski this yet, get on it.  2013 Elan Waveflex 170cm.  Basically a street legal, affordable groomer ripper!  BMW 135iS M-sport would be a good analogy.  Tons of control at the tip, perfect flex for both bending the ski up at the top of the turn, with a lot of rebound energy; more than you would get out of a stiffer race bred ski, such as the Blizzard S-power.  The Elan SLX is the welterweight of the race carver ski lineup: powerful yet lithe and nimble.  Amazing lateral stiffness, but just the right amount of energy and stability when running in bigger arcs.  Reminds me of a more friendly Fischer SL race ski, in a longer length, of course.

Check it out if you are in the market for a race carver. Feel free to ask questions here on the forum as well.  They made some changes to the 2014 model; this is the 2013, but typically, changes are minor from season to season on race bred skis.