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Binding position

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Probably asked and answered - if someone can point me.

I bought a new pair of Mantras last year mistakenly thinking they would ski like my old ones which were perfect for me.

They feel very much like the bindings should be moved slightly forward, I feel like I am always being thrown into the back seat even when I am skiing aggressively, and a nice neutral stance is NEVER forgiven. So the question is how much more forward should I have them mounted?  I don't know how much will make what kind of difference.


A little about me:


Very strong skier (been skiing all my fairly long life)

ski mainly off piste crud and powder but also like the groomers when the conditions are just right (no bumps please)

skis are mounted at factory recommendation


I LOVED my old Mantras - they were perfect for me. Not sure why these feel so much more like they are scooting out in front of me but it is not confidence inspiring.



I don't post here often but I always get some useful info.

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Yeah, it's actually fairly common to mount bindings slightly forward for women on non-gender specific skis due women's center of balance being slightly lower than men's.  Mounting forward will fix this issue for you, as well as make the Mantras just a bit quicker on turn initiation.  You'd be looking at moving you boot center forward by 1-2cm.  It depends on your height.  Ask the shop tech for advice on this to pin down exactly how far forward you want to go, for you specifically. 


There's a short article on Lou's Performance Centre site that discusses this topic.  Pretty interesting read:  Facts on binding position and balance (link is a pdf file)

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thank Herbie - will check that link

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