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Thinking about getting into Tele

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Well the subject basically sums it up, I am looking for a new challenge (sp) on the hill, skiing/baoarding been ther doing that, just trying to get another way to have fun and get challanged.
On to the question, what type of gear should I get to start out on, I am 160# 6' 21 yrs very agressive alpine skier, kinda pick things up quickly, in other words I would rather get something that will carry me through a few progressions rather than just let me learn easier.
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For skiis, i would choose a good alpine ski, personally i either ski on a K2 X15 or a Volkl G41. Since you are quite a bit lighter than me, a tele ski may suffice, i tend to find them too short and too soft. Check out the K2 totally piste for a good all around ski it is a soft x15. If you are mostly interested in touring, atomic makes some light skiis, but i tend to shy away from foam core skiis for tele because it is really easy to pull a binding from them.

For binders, the G3 targa is the only binding i have spent a season on without breaking them. The Rainey Hammerhead looks pretty bomber, but is pretty much untested and rainey has a tendency of putting out binders that break alot (i did 5 pairs of superloops in a year a couple seasons back). The Linken binding is a pretty neat looking setup that i think will be the next binding i will buy, but they aren't generally available in shops right now.

For boots, basically get the biggest one you can find. If you have narrow feet, scarpa, wide feet, go with garmont. The drawback to having wide feet is that last seasons big garmonts (triple G and squadra) had some sort of problem that seemed to lead to alot of broken bindings. The good side is that if garmont is the right boot for you, the super G, their biggest boot a couple years back, is available for a little over $200 at I paid $500 for them three years back and with some custom fitting last season i plan on getting a couple more years out of them.

A good place to look for gear reviews and general tele ranting is

good luck

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Ridgehiker's gear feedback sounds good. Get it then come on up the rope tow and visit us. We have a load of freeheeling rippers; A National Nordic teamer, a couple guys who place in the National Championships, a host of people who just like to do it.

I have found the K2 World Piste to be an easy yet solid tele board. Very light, but it is always there, even at speed. I am definitely hooking up with some Linken bindings as soon as I can.
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Thanks for the info guys, I will probbably be looking to buy when the bigger sales start coming around, August-October.
Also another question, do you think I will be able to get into this for under $500-600?
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YO Roto - how can you state: "You would be better off sporting for something that might last awhile(linkens)" They have a ton of problems, ice build up, and adjustment probs, and have only been on the US market since last year or so. So one would be better off to wait a year or two before blowing 2G's for a relative new product. G3's rock except for their bearing problem and again ice build up, Loops have finally proven that they are now pretty bomber, unless you buy old ones with the welded toe bar, voile has some merit and chili's well they suck. The kid is better off with a pair of boots that fit his feet, some old alpine boards and some bindings, As he gets the hang of it then yeah blow the G's for some Linken or Skyhoys or Hammerhead or whatever binding he researches and likes.
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Like all new telebinders, the Linkens SOUND like they have probs, that is why I said MIGHT last longer.
I'm going off feedback from people here. Compared to 'the next great things' of the past Linkens are much more promising. Quite a few aggressive Heelers swear they are bomber. The ones for this year are greatly improved. Loops? I don't think so.
I have yet to ski something I don't break, though I am getting smoother in my old age and leaving the ripping for what I'm good at(alpine) more often. Based on SPYDER's info, young aggressive 'piner, he is liable to go through some gear.
The used gear in our area tends to be pretty tapped out stuff, but quite a bit of new stuff isn't much more likely to stand the test. If he gets Linkens and doesn't like them there will be plenty of interest around these parts that he can get his money back out of them.
Try before you buy is always a safer bet though

Your advice, boots that fit, old alpine skis, is sound. Based on my binding experiences, I am willing to bet on the Linkens. My next choice would be the G3's. I like the shyhoys for teaching, but that is about it.
Oh, uuh..I think you exaggerated the price by about...uuh, 1800.00 bucks or so.

There is some linken/binding info in this thread if you scroll down and look for it. Read the posts from MT and Pierre eh?
Or visit <FONT size="1">

<FONT size="1">

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Pick up the boots hiker mentioned.
If you've got some old skis take the binders off, get some used telebinders. There are plenty to be had at the Pass. You would be better off sporting for something that might last awhile(linkens), but I usually take the low road myself.

If you want to try before you buy, stop in and we can definitely set you up with skis for a day. Boots, maybe.
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Opps didn't mean G - meant C notes...
All this crap about the beefest boots, the gnarst binding, phats skis drives me nuts. I don't think that the best route for a beginner is to buy top shelf, its like telling a 21 year to only drink top shelf booze all night, they are just gonna puke and waste the stuff, so why not decide with your $600 to buy sound boots, convert some alpine skis, buy some bindings and then take some lessons. The Linken, is a great binding, solid in performance and for sure a binding with amazing promise, but without knowing what the hell you are doing it isnt' gonna matter... till you learn how to telemark.

Unless of course you are one of those who just use freeheel gear to make P-Turns...
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I'm always a fan of making what you have work.
There are so many great deals on solid boots now. It's hard not to get caught up in the hype with the info age enveloping us, especially in the summer time. I need to get back on the water and surf the wind instead of the net.
It is also amazing how much difference skis can make. I'll never know how I managed to get around anywhere on 210 TRS(black/grey).

I'm, curious, don't good tele turns feature parallel skis also? For some reason this bugs me (not you specifically, but), people calling alpine turns parallel. The ideal tele turn is also a parallel turn.
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yeah for a split second, and sometimes its rightous when parallel turns are mixed in, I guess I like the freedom of choosing how I get down and funky.

It is always sweet when you finally upgrade and it all seems so right... and then you question your 210 TRS, but when you were riding those suckers, life was just as sweet.
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Spyder, just for kicks, get yourself a pair of 212 karhu XCD's, a pair of rottafella 3-pin only binders, and some merrell double leathers. get a feel for what it was like twelve years ago when i started this whole tele deal.

Then buy yerself some plastic boots, fatty skiis and cable binders and see if you don't learn faster!

and by the way, i mix tele and alpine turns all the time! rarely bother to drop a knee on groomer unless i am carving trenches and feel like dragging my knee on the ground.

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hell might try just nailing a pr of old boots to a couple of old 2X4's, go for that "old school" kinda thing.
being serious now, I just want to get into tele to try something new if I keep on it cool if i don't well just another skill I can keep in the back pocket. One of my long term goals is to get my L3 cert in 3 snow sports, skiing, boarding, tele. Got my L1 in boards and skis, and all I need is teaching tech for my L2 in skiing.
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heh heh. I saw a video of a guy who bolted a mastbase to a door and sialed it around. He almost got it up on a plane.

Ridgehiker's point is a good one. A lot of people can jump on and feel pretty good on new gear fairly soon, not a likely prospect on the 'olden' day gear.

Careful of cert. for cert's sake Spyder, it is a quick path to frustration.

Teleychick. what Do you ski on??
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not for cert's sake, i usually spend about 5-6 hrs a week in either a dryland clinic when we have them or on snow clinics. i am basically looking to improve my skiing boarding and it's nice to see I can get the next level. It gives me a goal to work towards.
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What do I ski on? Binders or skis?
Bindings - I ski some old loops, some new loops and some 3-pins.
Skis- This year I am getting some K2 Mod X Pros, Tua M3's, and debating some of those Pocket Launchers (other words if I can swing em free I wanna ride em)... and they will go along with Tua Sumo, Tua Blades (almost dead, being replaced by MODX), Tua Mega's (almost dead too, being replaced by M3) K2 Jerry Launchers, Kahru SK's and 10th Mountains, Miller Softs (which are friggin stellar)

why Roto WHAT do YOU ski on?<FONT size="1">

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I just wondered if you were a leather boot fanny-packer because of your phat ski/gnarest comment.

My quiver is a mishmash of products in variable states of existence.

The Black T-1s
K2 World Piste with Chilis
Head Supercross Ti with shyhoys
Head xp-60 with G3s

That was last season. Most of that is either returned to the company, broken or with other people now. I have to scare up some new stuff.

One of my favorite skis I ever teled on was a prototype Volant, but I was skiing it with a Rottafella (#? with the funky plastic front throw) and the binder came off at speed, the ski speared into the snowpack and I didn't fall, so the ski snapped just before the safety strap snapped.

One of the most memorable learning/training experiences I has was alpine GS/superG 'training (not in gates) on Asolo Xtreme/Rossi TRS/Chouinard front throws. I really learned about ankles doing that.
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Oh, and I usually ride most of that quiver with Blue T2's, sometimes Snowfields, and rarely Black T1's. (but this year the T1's are coming in to the cycle as the T2's are toast, well maybe just too stinky now they have over 500 days in em - still fit great gotta love bootfitting, but they are wicked ripe.)

As for my comment - I don't think you need a big beefy boot to drive most skis, sure there are exceptions, but for the most part I can make just about any ski sing sweetly to me. It goes with the whole alpine boot flex deal - if you can't flex the damn thing its too much for ya. I just see too many folks out there with boots they can't do diddle with -
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Those goddamn rottafellas!

I was demoing some skiis that had the first generation chili on them, skiing at JH. Came off the quad and down toward laramie bowl, nice fresh i front of me, shot off flip point and at about 15 feet in the air realized that the funny feel i had from my left foot was the ski hanging by the leash. the cable had blown on takeoff! Landed it one footed but things went to shit in a big hurry as i tried to straighline laramie on one ski! Damn did my buddies laugh at that one! Last time i'll ever ski on rotafellas!

Teleychick, i understand what you are saying about the boots and all, but for Spyder, a larger agressive alpine skier (though at 6' 160#, it sounds like he needs a sandwich!), getting a big boot now is probably a good idea. Boots are the most expensive investment i tele and they tend to last the longest. Just as you have 500 days on your t2's, i'm not sure he'd want to be stuck in that boot that long. Sure, technique and finesse can make it possible to ski any ski with any boot, but i bet you would be hating life on my 198 Volkl G41's in your snowfields. The same goes for skiing the karhu or 10th's with your t1's. You need to figure out what skiing you like to do, and get the gear to match it. It is all about balancing the boot ski and binding. I like to go fast and make big snowboard style gs turns in all conditions, a big wide ski and a big boot is what i need for that. I am looking for some light leathers and some e99's for longer touring, but if i am touring for turns, i will take my resort gear.

How was Guttermouth?

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Sure, I too would steer him towards a bigger boot... BUT I don't think that is his only option, BUT since he only seems to be inbound skiing, then sure go out and buy the stiffest, beefest almost should be skiing alpine boots out there. I don't know maybe I am just not into the whole huckyurmeat, allballs sorta telemark skiing scene. (I don't know - I sorta ski like that with my T2's. lord knows I do when I got my snowfields, oh yeah baby - mach turns and a hell of a lot of praying going on - thank god for rev heat.)

Guttermouth - ended up missing it... for get this... a kegger with a bunch of 17-22 kiddos out in Yellowstone. Don't think I have had as much fun as I did having those kids dance for me, and keeping me entertained. It was a hoot of a night and the beer kept sliding down smooth as can be... the entire weekend was a binge fest.

So... are you going to Millencolin?<FONT size="1">

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About the terrain, I am interested in about everything tho just getting started i will probbably spend alot of time inbounds getting the mechanics down.
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TSOL is the band i'd really like to see! Millencollin and TSOL are opening for Offspring Fri night at the fairgrounds here. That sounds backwards somehow, but whatever. I'll probably have my hands full of raw fish then so i doubt i'll make it. Not sure when the Jackson show is, but i won't be there until the 9th August for my buddy's wedding. Not sure if there are any shows that weekend or what the plan is.

You should try to get up here for a Dwarftosser or Agrogazm show, a couple local bands that kick ass!

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They were here on tuesday - I got in for free and caught millencolin and part of TSOL. Rocking.Bailed and then cruised down to Zion/Bryce. Got back yesterday in time for the demo derby and fair. The kiddie rides make me sick, but I can't stop riding them with my friends little demons. Rode the Zipper 6x's - really the ZIPPER is the only ride worth its weight in gold - it's friggin heaven.

How often do Dwarftosser or Agrogazm show happen? Do they play in the fall- when does bridger/big sky normally open? That could be a laugh - and I bet I could get a stellar deal on a dinner of raw fish too before the show eh???
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Teleychick, glad to see you! I hadn't heard from you and thought you might have been evacuated. One friend of mine did, finally got ahold of her last night. She sounds ok.
Agrogazm and Dwarftosser are basically the same band. Dwarftosser is their punk name and Agrogazm their metal name. They play whenever they get motivated to do so (rarely!) and usually at the Zebra Below.

And yeah, i bet you could get a deal!

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I was a bit worried when I left for Utah, so the night before I packed most of the shit that I can't live without.... gear and more gear... it was in my livingroom waiting for a friend to pick it up - and drive my beloved jeep to safety - ended up not having to worry about it. I called on friday and was informed that we had a quarter of the nations fire power here so no worries. Sorry to hear about your friend, and glad to hear she is back in her home.

Gonna have to find a time to haul up and have some sushi - do you work at an open bar? It would be cool to actually talk to someone as they prepare my sushi - or I am gonna have to learn the language

did you hit the show?
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Glad to see the fire slowing down. The one near cody was a little scary too, would have been a tragedy if Pahasca Teepee had burned.

Missed the show, as predicted i was feeding raw fish to tourists.

And, yeah, the bar is really open, the customers sit right in front of us. Better view there than at any bar i have seen.

Should be in JH the 9-12, any shows worth seeing on fri 10th?

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Not much happening... Targhee is having their bluegrass fest and thats about -
sorry to miss you - will be in portland.

Maybe RAW FISH in the fall?
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ridge - how was the wedding?
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We had a blast, great to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while. We almost missed the ceremony, but got there for the kiss. The wedding was at shadow mountain, with the tetons in the background, really nice. The only drag was that with the fire restrictions we couldn't have a big bonfire afterwards.

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